Friday, August 31, 2018

I Dreamed of a Blog

Today I received a notification that my blog had laid vacant for a very long time.  Thank you Google.   Knew that already.  So, on Chelsey's suggestion, I started to read some of these old blogs.  They were pretty great.

Except for that part when we had a photo challenge, and Kent showed up at the last minute an trolled his stupid face off. Anyways, I doubt I'll have the energy to do this again, but who knows?  I do feel like there is more to write about.  But I am so very lazy.  So we will see.

In the meantime, I'd like to let everyone know that I dumped an entire 20 ounce glass of water all over the front seat of my car when I got in it this morning.  But on the plus side, I didn't get anything on my pants. Also, I am wearing Air Jordans that I bought off PoshMark for 20 bucks today.  So I'm feeling a little weird about that.  But also awesome. 

And it's Edith's birthday.  And she's a wonderful damn kid.  So full of ridiculous energy and ego and creative energy.  I feel like we set out to create a kid who wouldn't take shit from this stupid world, and the experiment is working. She give zero fucks.  Which also can make her a monster at times too.  But she comes by that natural. 

On the flipside, I walked Bette to work today and we had the best conversation about her favorite things.  She enthusiastically answered all my questions.  I found out that her favorite animal is a zebra, and that her best friend is Edith.  I wasn't sure if she understood that, but she does, and that's pretty great.

Lastly, I have been listening to Neko Case a whole bunch.  The whole catalog.  Two things have surfaced.  I think if I ever met her I would feel completely intimidated.  This may be because I actually have met her once, and she didn't really give me the time of day.  The other thing is that her lyrics are just stupid good.  With very few exceptions.

There.  I blogged.  Eat it, Blogger. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


  1. Only listen to albums.  No shuffles
  2. No repeat restaurants per quarter (exception of Breakfast Club)
  3. Finish the Harry Potter Series
  4. No Tech Wednesday
  1. Run 200 miles
  2. Feel free, strong, alive, powerful, joyous and raw
  3. Beat up Chuck
  4. Love myself more
  5. Acquire the following essential oils:
    1. Lavender
    2. Rosemary
    3. Peppermint
  6. Write a book for Edith/Bette
  7. Unsubscribe from annoying emails
  8. Cancel gym membership
  1. Establish a habit of creative writing on Saturday mornings
  2. Get a new position/job
  3. Make out with someone
  4. Redo the bedroom
  1. Become physically strong
  2. Get into Creighton
  3. Go on a date

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


All in all, I believe that last year was a weak one for music. It had its moments, but there was a lot of crap that I tried to listen to in 2014.  That said, I've finally made it through every song, and I think I've picked some real winners.  I don't have strong feelings about the rank of these, so we'll just present a group of recommended songs by Brent.


Hi Five - Angel Olson - I sing the beginning of this song a lot while I'm doing stuff.  I like the combination of Elvis and Roy Orbison delivery. But the whole thing is good.

Parade - The Antlers - Album is hard to get through.  But this song is wonderful.  Perfect drop of the F-bomb right off the bat.

Metallic Cloud - Damien Jurado made a really really long album.  Probably a double album if it was an album.  It has two versions of this song.  Very dramatic. 

So Blonde - EMA - For those of you who like to scream "So blonde" really loud.   

The Body Electric  - Hurray for the Riff Raff - This was my first favorite song of the year, and probably my ultimate favorite.

Just One of the Guys - Jenny Lewis - What a great song about being a woman.  I'm not a woman, but I'm married to one, and I feel like this song captures what it's like to grow older as a female.

West Coast - Lana Del Rey - I just really like the line in it about how if you're not drinking, you're not playing.  Nice twist on the cheating/trying line.

Easter Morning - Papercuts - It's always satisfying when you find an album that no one likes as much as you.  I didn't read anything about Papercuts in the various Best of Music lists, but I thought this song was terrific.  I also thought the album was good.  I should have added that to my post about albums. Shoot.

Queen - Perfume Genius - Perfume Genius got a lot more sexy from it's last album to this one.

Every Time the Sun Comes Up - Sharon Van Etten - This album is just really depressing.  Like the kind of depressing that only hits me when I have a lot of heartache.  I don't really have a lot of heartache, but I will keep this song in mind should things with Chelsey and I go south.

Suffering You, Suffering Me - Slow Club - The Slow Club is one of the few bands that can regularly reinvent themselves without my getting annoyed.  They started out all chamber poppy, and then they changed their sound for the last album to something more raw and stompy.  This album is more polished sounding but with lots of energy.  Slow Club fits in the category of bands I feel like I probably like better than most everyone else.

Inside Out - Spoon - Spoon made another Spoon album.  Meaning that it's easy to bop your head with it, and there are a few good songs, but you won't be taking it to any deserted islands.  This song is really great though.

The Promise - Sturgill Simpson - Yes, it's that The Promise.  As a lover of the original, I give my full seal of approval on this version.  Understated.  Not trying to compete with the original. I'm glad is was able to include a cover on here.

I Love my DAD  - Sun Kil Moon - I didn't get this album until the end.  I never paid Sun Kil Moon much mind, but this album kept coming up on the Best of 2014 lists.  I took to this immediately because I like songs about people loving their dads.  Or apparently I do.  I don't know.

Run From Me - Timber Timbre - Creepy creepy creepy.  Timber Timbre does creepy really well.  Also like the tip of the hat to Tom Dooley in this song.

Okay.  That's all.  So long 2014.  You could have been better.


Hey!  I still have a blog! 

Before we delve into this, I should mention that one of my resolutions for 2015 is to not listen to music on shuffle anymore.  I've abused the shuffle to such a large extent that I'm not sure that I can say I've listened to any album front-to-back.  So this probably isn't the fairest assessment.  But I do these every year, so I'm doing it again this year.
  1. Hurray for the Riff Raff - Small Town Heroes - Okay, I've listened to this one beginning to end on multiple occasions. I just think it's great.  Folk music with some New Orleans influences and other genres mixed in there too.  Nothing new here.  Just great songs all the way through.  Perfect music for sitting outside and drinking.  Or pretty much everything else.
  2. Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence - I like what Lana Del Rey is selling.  I know that many people don't.  For those of us who like her, this was more of the same.  For those who don't like her, I'm sure this didn't change any minds. 
  3. Conner Oberst - Upside Down Mountain - at this point I'm just listing albums I actually listened to more than once.  I liked this.  It was his best album since like 2005.  It made me happy to no longer sing about spiritual stuff.
  4. First Aid Kit - thus endeth the list of albums that I spent any amount of time with last year.  This was good.  Not great, but a few high points.
I can't pretend to recommend anything else.  I liked a lot of songs off a few other albums, but I can't sit here an recommend anything else with any authority.  Looking at this list, I'm not sure there's much point to it.  But then I guess some people are aware of the Hurray for the Riff Raff album.  So there you go. 

Tuesday, December 31, 2013


  1. Spit out gum when it's lost its flavor
  2. Volunteer at Film Streams
  3. Figure out amount to save each month (and save it)

  1. Lose baby weight
  2. Be less angry
  3. Figure out my life
  4. Beat the shit out of Chuck (early goal)
  5. Survive
  1. Schedule as much of my life as possible
  2. Strive for excellence/reject complacency (check in with this monthly)
  3. Finish the kitchen (paint cabinets and ceiling)
  4. Go on two dates per month

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Again - taking a very lazy approach to this process this year.  If I didn't hear it, or it didn't catch my attention, it's not on this list.  Usually I systematically try to give one listen to everything I have from 2013.  I have no interest in doing so this year.'s the list of Brent's favorite songs from last year - without repeating any by the same artist:


1) Song For Zula - Phosphoescent

2) Step - Vampire Weekend

3) The Mother We Share - CHVRCHES

4) Say Something - A Great Big World (Featuring Christina Aguilar) - I saw this on VH1 at the end of they year, and I was obsessed with it.  I mostly like the straightforward performance by Christina Aguilar here, but I also just really like the song.

5) San Francisco - Foxygen - Number one for most of the year!

6) Bitter Rivals - Sleigh Bells

7) Cover Me Up - Jason Isbell

8) Demons - The National

9) New Year's Resolution - Camera Obscura

10 Joan Of Arc - Arcade Fire

11 Black Skinhead - Kanye West
12) Alien Days - MGMT
13) Miracle Mile - Cold War Kids
14) Keep Your Head Up - Cults
15) Outside Blues - Wooden Wand
16) Royals - Lorde
17) Night Still Comes - Neko Case
18) Gig Life - The World Is  A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die
19) On My Way - Valarie June
20) Swan Dive - Waxahatchee
21) Happiness Comes in a Box - Yellow Red Sparks
22) It Was My Season - Okkervil River
23) I Remember You - Rilo Kiley
24) I Couldn't Be Your Friend - Tegan & Sara
25) I Tell Myself Everything - The Blow
26) Ohm - Yo La Tengo
27) Pulaski at Night - Andrew Bird
28) I Don't Know How - Best Coast
29) Victory - Dear Reader
30) Peace Sword - Flaming Lips
31) Dumb Head - I Monster

And then here's my list if I get to repeat artists!

1) Song For Zula - Phosphoescent
2) Step - Vampire Weekend
3) The Mother We Share - CHVRCHES
4) Say Something - A Great Big World (Featuring Christina Aguilar)
5 San Francisco - Foxygen
6) Bitter Rivals - Sleigh Bells
7) Cover Me Up - Jason Isbell
8) Demons - The National
9) New Year's Resolution - Camera Obscura
10) Hannah Hunt - Vampire Weekend
11) Joan Of Arc - Arcade Fire
12) Black Skinhead - Kanye West
13) Alien Days - MGMT
14) Ya Hey - Vampire Weekend
15) Pink Rabbits - The National
16) Miracle Mile - Cold War Kids
17) Keep Your Head Up - Cults
18) Outside Blues - Wooden Wand
19) I Missed Your Party - Camera Obscura
20) Royals - Lorde
21) Night Still Comes - Neko Case
22) Gig Life - The World Is  A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die
23) Reflector - Arcade Fire
24) Obvious Bicycle - Vampire Weekend
25) On My Way - Valarie June
26) Swan Dive - Waxahatchee
27) Happiness Comes in a Box - Yellow Red Sparks
28) It Was My Season - Okkervil River
29) Were Before - Cults
30) To Love and Loathe - Yellow Red Sparks
31) Obvious Bicycle - Vampire Weekend
32) Low Light Assembly - The World Is A Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid to Die
33) I Remember You - Rilo Kiley
34) I Couldn't Be Your Friend - Tegan & Sara
35) I Tell Myself Everything - The Blow
36) Ohm - Yo La Tengo
37) Pulaski at Night - Andrew Bird
39) Your Life Is A Lie - MGMT
40) Don't Swallow The Cap - The National
41) Diane Young - Vampire Weekend
42) Local Girl - Neko Case
43) Dixie Cups and Jars - Waxahatchee
44) I Don't Know How - Best Coast
45) Introspection - MGMT
46) Victory - Dear Reader
47) To Love and Loathe - Yellow Red Sparks
48) Peace Sword - Flaming Lips
49) Dumb Head - I Monster

And in case you are wondering what songs were added there, here tey are:

Reflector - Arcade Fire
I Missed Your Party - Camera Obscura
Were Before - Cults
Your Life Is A Lie - MGMT
Introspection - MGMT
Don't Swallow The Cap - The National
Pink Rabbits - The National
Local Girl - Neko Case
Diane Young - Vampire Weekend
Hannah Hunt - Vampire Weekend
Ya Hey - Vampire Weekend
Obvious Bicycle - Vampire Weekend
Dixie Cups and Jars - Waxahatchee
To Love and Loathe - Yellow Red Sparks
Low Light Assembly - The World Is A Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid to Die

Monday, December 23, 2013


Hey!  I have a blog! I'm doing the same thing I do every year.  I'm making a list of my favorite music, and realizing I'm maybe not qualified to make my list of favorite music, because I haven't listened to everything I want to listen to this year.  Except this year, I just don't feel like I'm going to be able to cram like I ordinarily do.  Or maybe I just don't feel like it.  At any rate, here's the blog:


Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City. 

I liked this album the first time I listened to it.  I like it now that it's the end of the year.  I want to listen to it right now, instead of this Moonface album that I am trying to get through (I actually really like this Moonface album).  MNotC is good for a lot of reasons, but my favorite parts are all the little moments.  Like where all the music drops out in  "Finger Back" and there's that little spoken word part about the girl at the falafel shop.  And the part in Hannah Hannah hunt - well pretty much the whole Hannah Hunt song is this way - but the part at the end where he just kind of screams out the refrain of the song again for good measure.  It's a careful nerdy album from a band that I always kind of only halfway liked because I thought they were too cool for that kind of thing.


Arcade Fire - Reflektor

There are too many songs here.  And I think they knew it when they made it.  This seems like it should have been a 10 song album, with "Reflektor" and "Joan of Arc" anchoring both sides.  The extra songs aren't bad; they're just indiscernible.


Bill Callahan - Dream River

Of all the things I don't understand about indie rock, Bill Callahan may be the most frustrating.  I used to enjoy Smog records.  Then he switched to mopey mumble music.  I have tried and tried.  I'm saying goodbye now.


Cold War Kids - Dear Miss Lonelyhearts

This is mostly on the strength of the first track.  I put this album on, figuring I'd listen to it once or twice and put it away, but "Miracle Mile" is a really good song.  Not breaking any ground, but it's good.  The drawback here is that my favorite line in that song was "Little cold lie, where does it lead to?"  I really liked that phrasing.  However I just looked it up and it's actually "Miracle Mile, what does it lead to?"  So not only have I misinterpreted my favorite part of the song, but I somehow failed to recognize the name of the song within the song's lyrics.  Which probably makes me look a little dumb.


Virgins - Strike Gently - Sounded like Elvis Costello at one point - although listening to this again, I have no idea how I got that idea.  Hmmm.

Savages - Silence Yourself - Sounds like Geddy Lee, if Geddy Lee sang New Order songs

White Denim - Corsica Lemonade - Sounds like Black Keys

Brass Bed - The Secret Will Keep You - Sounds like summerteerth-era Wilco

I Monster - People Soup - Sounds like The Pipettes


Camera Obscura - Desire Lines

I went from thinking this was a boner of an album, to putting it in my top ten - I think, I haven't made my top ten yet.  The songs came on kind of slow, but once I could take in the lyrics, I came around to what was going on here.  I like the way that her songs hit on that "I like you, but I'd rather stay home and watch reruns" motif.


The National - Trouble Will Find Me

I love The National.  One of my favorite things about The National is that I can put their last three albums on shuffle, and the songs all go together effortlessly.  But there's also a progression if you listen close.  Growing old, to having kids, to losing your sense of worth.  Happy stuff.  I bet this was my second favorite album of the year, but there's nothing new going on.

Cults - Static 

I like it when bands don't try new things.  You have to be careful about that.  You don't want to end up like Belle and Sebastian. The Cults just made a record just like their last one, without the hit single.  Unless you count "Keep Your Head Up", which maybe you should.  I don't know.  It's certainly no "Go Outside". Good for you Cults.  I'm okay with that.

Dr. Dog - B-Room

I haven't actually listened to this.  I'm just assuming.

Sleigh Bells - Bitter Rivals

I like how Sleigh Bells just keeps making the same album, but louder.  Keep doing that Sleigh Bells.  The title track of this album was stuck in my head for like two weeks after it came out.

Yo La Tengo - Fade

What a perfect Yo La Tengo album.  Their best since "I'm Not Afraid of You, and I Will Beat Your Ass." This seems to pick up right where something like "I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One" left off.  Great music to have on while you are doing something else.  Like making cookies.  Or doing a crossword puzzle. Which is what they do best in my opinion.


Yuck - Glow & Behold - the fact that they lost their lead singer made me not want to listen.
Widowspeak - The Swamps - Got it too late
Volcano Choir - Repave - I thought I would like this.  I did not like it.
Summer Aviation - Elevator - Got it too late
Surfer Blood - Pythons - I just couldn't bring myself to the idea that this band had more than one album in them.
Mutual Benefit - Love's Crushing Diamond - kept forgetting that I had it.
Mount Moriah - Miracle Temple - just saw this for the first time today.  No idea what it is.
Moonface - Julia with Blue Jeans - You just have to kind of set aside some time to listen to Moonface, and I haven't set that time aside yet.
Mikal Cronin - MCII - never grabbed my attention
Lucius - Wildewoman - got it too late
Local Natives - Hummingbird - See: Surfer Blood
Jackson Scott - Melbourne - got it too late
Houndtooth - The Hills Below the City - I like Houndtooth for the name of a band.  But I think I listened to this once.
Front Bottoms - Talon of the Hawk - Listened to it once, and probably won't listen to it again.  It's cute.
Fidlar - Fidlar - I'm probably not going to listen to this.  Why do I have this?
Eleanor Friedburger - Personal Record - I like her albums, but I got this with a bunch of other stuff.


Bill Callahan - Dream River - (See Above)

Daft Punk  - Random Access Memories 

The way I could tell if songs from this album were coming up on my ipod was whenever I would hear a song and walk over to see what the hell it was - and then skip it.  Daft Punk is not for me.  I know that.

Blood Orange - Cupid Deluxe

I own this, but I've yet to see or read anything about it that makes me want to put it on.  Tried listening to it once, and front-to-back is certainly not the correct entry point for me.  I need a back door or something.

Haim - Days Are Gone

Days Are Gone - Chuck said something about the Vampire Weekend being an average album that is elevated by a crappy year in music.  I think feel that way about Haim, except I think the world wants there to be an indie rock act that has more mass appeal than something like Best Coast.  So they like the fact that Haim kind of fills that role. I think Haim is lousy.  Sorry Haim.

Kanye West - Yeezus 

I actually like this album, but it's too raunchy for me.  Which may mean I'm getting too old.  Or lame.  Or all of the above.  But I think I've always been prudish about that kind of stuff.

Neko Case - The Worse Things Get....

Again, not that I don't like it, but those people saying this is her finest album are out of their minds.  Fox Confessor is the best Neko Case album, and that is final.  This album is a little on the boring side at times, and the a capella moments just don't seem as inspired as they are supposed to be.

Rhye - Woman

I just don't like this kind of music.


Yellow Red Sparks - Yellow Red Sparks 

This is lame-o Of Monsters and Men style music.  But I like it.  And there's nothing I can do about it.


Joanna Gruesome - Weird Sister & The World is  Beautiful Place, and I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Whenever, If Ever

These are two lo-fi albums that won me over on enthusiasm and curse words.  I liked them both about the same.  I haven't looked this up, but it seems like each of these bands have like 10 people in them.  So I like to imagine that they are a big group of friends who like to make music together.  Like a more talented version of my friends from college.



Flaming Lips - The Terror / Peace Sword EP

Peace Sword provided some hope that the Flaming Lips will eventually emerge from their newest acid rock phase.  That's good.  I'm so sick of the acid rock stuff. I wish I would have known about the acid rock phase in advance, so that I could have those minutes and hours back.

Iron & Wine - Ghost on Ghost 

I haven't really liked this band since he decided to fill out his sound.  So there's no surprise here.  I barely listened to it.  He did do a nice "Fairytale of New York" cover this year though. It's not on this album.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Mosquito / Strokes - Comedown Machine

I am still prepared to like these bands, but not until they get some new ideas. Yeah Yeah Yeahs seem the less lost of the two, both of them seem like they are going through the motions until some inspiration surfaces. I don't think The Strokes will ever find it again.  They seem to have one gear that they can make really good music in, and they refuse to use that gear anymore.



The first 4-5 songs of this were actually pretty great!  Then they go off the rails.  MGMT seem like they are going out of their way to not make a solid album. Like they would view that as a form of selling out, now that they are on a major label.  I can't help them with that.  All I can say is that songs like "Alien Days" show that they could easily make another  Oracle Spectacular anytime they wanted - if they wanted.


Phosphorescent - Muchacho

For those of you who are actually reading this whole thing, you will note that Brent sometimes needs a different entry to an album than the front door.  Such was the case with this album and its slow, chanty opener. Ugh.  But once I started skipping that one, I found a really terrific album about hurt and loss and what fills in when your heard breaks.  My favorite song of the year is Song for Zula.

Jason Isbell - Southeastern

I think this is the guy from the Drive By Truckers.  I'm not sure.  But I liked most of the songs on this album. Alt-country winners!  Good, not great!

Okkervil River - The Silver Gymnasium

This is one of my favorite bands, and a concept album about growing up in the early 80's seemed like something I would like more than I did.  But it was still pretty good.  The production seemed to be referencing the pop of the early 80's, and I don't care how well you do that, Brent Koster is not going to love it.  And I really loved their last album, so this didn't quite measure up.

Foxygen - We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic

I think I just realized for the first time what the name of this album was, and I'm rethinking everything about it.  I just really liked the effortless way this album sounds.  It seems like they have a million good ideas, and they don't really care about getting them right.

CHVRCHES - The Bones of What You Believe

Electronic pop.  Really good hooks.  Haven't really taken in the lyrics, but "The Mother We Share" is one of the few songs I think I could play for just about anyone, and they'd like it.

The Blow - The Blow 

This could maybe fit into the "Bands who didn't try anything new" category, but it's been so long since their last album, and the personnel seems to have changed so there you go .  I've always liked the way The Blow never quite made catchy poppy songs.  And they kept that going on this album.  Good work.  They always have such herky jerky beats.

Waxahatchee - Cerulean Salt 

I listened to this nonstop when it first came out, then I decided it was good, and moved on.  Haven't listened to it in months, but from what I remember, she's made an album that Brent likes.  Dense, weird lyrics.  Straightforward production. Sad songs.

Best Coast - Fade Away EP

I just seem to get more out of Best Coast than I used to.  There's not much going on here.  But whatever it is, it seems like it's better than it was about three years ago.  I think seeing them live this year helped me appreciate their whole thing.

1) Vampire Weekend
2) The National
3) Camera Obscura
4) Phosphorescent
5) Yellow Red Sparks
6) Foxygen
7) Waxahatchee
8) The World Is a Beautiful Place and I Am Not Afraid to Die
9) Cults
10) MGMT