Saturday, January 16, 2010

FML - Why Golf is the Worst Thing Ever

Two years ago, I played my final round of golf ever with my brother for his birthday. It maybe was not going to be my last round, but on my final stroke of the day, I put a ball through the sunroof of a young man who happened to be standing right next to his fucking car. Fuck me. So after an akward exchange and a few phone calls, we arranged for me to pay his deductible, and he would file it with his insurance. I gave his $250.00, he paid his insurance. Everyone was happy.

Until this morning, when I got a call from a place called Credit Counseling Services, who informed me that Allstate (his insurance company) was trying to recoup the entire anoumt of the repairs from me. about $900. So after many phone calls to Allstate and CCS, it was determined that he most likely just put my name on the accident report, and since I was dumb enough to pay him in cash, I have no record of paying his deductible. Thus, Allstate is coming after me for the whole enchilada. Again, fuck me. I talked them down to $500, but then decided I should probably talk to Wendy and Dave about this. So I got off the phone.

Then it occurred to me: all they have is my name and phone number. And the case is sitting in the tort system. What are the odds they are going to pursue this over $900.00? I don't want to fuck up my credit, but do they actually have a case against me? I'm not trying to be sneaky here. And I wasn't trying to be sneaky when I paid his deudctible. It seemed like a legit thing to do. I feel like I have fulfilled my obligation to this issue. I paid $250.00 or $300.00 or whatever it was. That was supposed to resolve the issue. And even if I had a receipt, wouldn't that only settle the matter bewteen me and the guy I hit? The insurance company would probably still come after me. This seems very wrong. I could have settled it through my own insurance company for $500, if I have know this was going to haoppen. Curses!

Wendy, what do you think?

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