Friday, January 22, 2010

Here's an email from my friend Kent. He is a monster.

yesterday, i'm wiring leslie's office for internet, and i have to goto home depot to get some supplies.
i get my stuff and head to the line. there's a guy who is obviouslyall flustered, and cant seem to pick which line he wants to get in.he's a couple steps ahead of me. i go towards the line i think isshortest, and he almost goes in that one too, but instead he walks alittle further to see what the other lines are like. he doesn't likethem and turns around to get in the original line.
except, now i am in the line already in front of me. had he justgotten in line, he would have been first. instead, now i am.
he proceeds to stand about 1 foot from me and sighs really loudly. iturn to look at him, and he says "can i get in front of you, i have aworkman waiting for me?"
i say "sure, go ahead." and i take a step back.
then, totally unable to stop myself, i say, "if your time is morevaluable then mine, go right ahead."
he says he doesnt' want any trouble, which made me feel prettyawesome, as i dont ever feel like a person that could be seen as thetype to give a stranger trouble.
i say " no, go on ahead" but he refuses and goes to another lane.
then i felt bad. i wasn't in a rush, i didn't have to go anywhere, iwas just being an asshole. so i figured some bad karma was due myway. i think it evened out when the security patrol guy was idling inthe empty spot in front of the house that i usually park in, and i hadto park down the block, and then again when i had to go back to homedepot to get more wire, because i fucked up measuring.


  1. your spacing is all messed up. you make me look like an idiot who won't capitalize (true) or space correctly (false).