Monday, February 1, 2010


I am partially committed to running the Lincoln Half Marathon in early May. I say partially because I have decided that it is not for sure unless the Saints win the Super Bowl. But I am training. So far I am up to 3 of my 13 miles. Three is getting easier and easier though. It's funny because the biggest issue at this point is time. I run so slow that in order to do something like 10 mines, I would have to clear out an entire afternoon. The actual race should take abour 3 hours for me to complete. Oh - and there are rules banning headphones at the race. I have an email into the event coordinators on this issue, because there is no way I am running 13 miles without an ipod. I will also no-doubt be dealing with a good deal of chaffing issues along the way. New underwear may need to be purchased. Otherwise, it's on.

Who's with me? You don't really have to start training until this week.


  1. I am 100% with you, assuming the Saints win, and assuming that doesn't mean I also have to run a half. You may want to look into some actual running clothes to avoid your medical complications. And I don't mean some nylon shorts with the state of Texas flag on them with no shirt. Just to be clear on that.

    Have I mentioned that my best friend Eddie Izzard ran 43 marathons in 51 days last summer for charity?

  2. Have I mentioned that I kind of know who Eddie Izzard is now?

  3. Also - Wendy, I think you should do this too. And I think Chuck and Chelsey should as well.

    Also - I heard back from the half marathon, and they said my headphones should be fine, as long as I listen to instructions, which I am very good at doing.