Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shiver Me Timbers

It's becoming clear that as of today, Wednesday the 3rd, I am officially useless in the workplace. This could really be for any number of reasons, but I think primarily because the Super Bowl. I feel like it's 3pm on a Friday. Except it's 7:47am on a Wednesday. Here's a quick list of things I will be doing to pass the time until the weekend.

Talking to people. People always seem to want to talk to me when I am busy. Well now the shoes on the other motherfucking foot.

Drinking coffee. I am very good at doing this as a passtime. I will look at it thoughtfully, and take long meaningful sips

Shuffling and reshuffling things on my desk.

Driving around. Make up errands. Go on said errands. Make up more errands.

Talking to more peope. Fuck you other people. We are going to talk some more.

Eating hearty lunches. It's true that I am trying to lose weight. But it's also true that I have fallen in love with Lisa's Radial Cafe again. And that I am trying to eat more Chicken Fried Steak in 2010.

Planning a pancake dinner. Maybe a charity pancake dinner. I have not done as well in my pancake resolution as I have done on my CFS resolution.

Shopping in the store upstairs. I want some new sweaters.

Listening to Ray Price. How did I miss this guy? He's terrific!

Ed Norton is inexplicably in this picture of the rapture.

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  1. Having re-read a good chunk of this year's posts, this little gem is my favorite.