Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Brent's List of Albums from 2010/2009 that he is trying to digest.

1) Charlotte Gainsberg - Every so often I hear one of her songs and they stop me dead in my tracks.  But when I listen to the whole album, not only do I get bored, but I am also unable to identify the songs that stop me dead in my tracks.  Frustrating

2) Cymbals Eat Guitars - Sounds like Broken Social Scene.  I like Broken Social Scene, but it takes a long time to identify with music like that. 

3) Dan Deacon - The only thing I need to share about it is that I am constantly calling it Deacon Dan.  Then Chelsey laughs as me.  Then I get mad.

4) Local Natives - This sounds exactly like Fleet Foxes to me.  I never liked Fleet Foxes, yet I somehow like Local Natives.  I really like "Airplanes", but my guess is that everyone who listens to their album does too.

5) Los Campesinos - No idea.  My ipod never plays them on random.  And I keep forgetting to listen tot he album.  Maybe when I start mowing the lawn.

6) She and Him - I love it.  This should come as no surprise to anyone.  I love them.  Their music is a perfect.

7) Florence and the Machine - Nice refrains.  So so songs.

8) Frightened Rabbit - I think I will grow to like this like I liked their last one, but it hasn't grabbed me by the head yet.

9) Fanfarlo - Kent keeps raving about this band.  They sound like a cross between Arcade Fire and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, except not as good as either.

10) Surfer Blood - I like this album!  It makes me feel good.  Yay.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Years Resolutions Revisited

So it's about the end of March, and high time for me to look at my new years resolutions. I also recently found my 2008 resolutions, so I can share those results as well.

1) I'm going to start running again. And run further than the 2 miles I was logging at the end of 2010. - I am hitting this one out of the park. I ran like 14 miles last week, I'm running 16 this week. Goal one, I have kicked you ass. Grade: A+

2) I'm going to keep up with this motherfucking blog. - I think I am doing okay at this. I have pretty low expectations for quality, so just doing it somewhat regularly is good enough for me. Grade: B

3) I'm going on a roadtrip - either South or West. - This doesn't look all that hot. If I had to guess, the only roadtrip I might take would be around the Pacific Northwest, if Chelsey and I vacation up there. Not as good. Grade: C-

4) I'm going to join one of the following a) a class b) a society c) a club d) an organization. I guess technically I joined the Goodwill Running Club this year, but if I could, I would accompany this fact with that air jack off move that people use when they aren't impressed by something. Still lots of work to do to improve mt status as a joiner. Grade: D

5) I'm going to leave the house more. Not only am I not leaving the house more, I have no desire to leave the house more. All I want to do is lay around and watch HBO On-demand. Grade: F.

6) I'm not going to buy anything major unless something breaks. I think I am going to give myself a decent grade here, because last weekend I let Chelsey talk me out of buying a new blanket for our couch downstairs. But not a great grade, because I bought a bed frame. Grade: B-

7) I'm going to eat more pancakes and chicken fried steak.8) I'm going to try to not be so stupid when I get frazzled. A++++. I'm eating so much fucking chicken fried steak, it's incredible. And I'm catching up in the pancake department. I still haven't found a go-to place for both items yet, but surprisingly Garden Cafe may be the spot. If I can get over the lamo clientele. Grade: A++++

All in all, I'd say I'm doing pretty well. My hope is that warmer weather will lead to me wanting to leave the house more. And as a died-in-the-wool non-joiner, I'm not sure if that resolution is ever going to happen. But Chelsey did send me some info on a beginners Yoga class. And I have been doing Yoga on-demand. . .

I was looking for a piece of paper to spit my gum into yesterday and I found 2008 New Years resolutions for Me, Chelsey, Chuck, Hayden, and Beth. Mine were almost all creative in nature. Write a short story a month, that sort of thing. I Believe I failed them all. Yes. I just looked again. I did fail them all. It looks like the only one who actaully came through on one was Chelsey, who listed "start school" as a goal. So I guess what I'm saying is that we have some real groundbreaking stuff, if I am able to come through on any of these things by the end of the year.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patricks Day

I dont' care about St. Patricks day. It's just a day where jerks dress up in green and act like jerks while drinking in overcrowded bars. That said, my friend Carly spends her day with her husband and friends in some ratty bar in South O. That sounds okay. I am going to attempt to do the same by going down to O'leavers, which sounds like it would be busy for an Irish holiday, but most likely won't be. Because it is also very ratty. It is also within walking distance from our house, so that will be nice.

Otherwise, I will spend the day trying to get people to sign up for my basketball pool, and running.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Laundy Room

I am so sick of looking at my laundry room. I have spent the last 4 months in my basement. It's all tv's and laundry rooms and dogs barking at everything. I cannot wait to go outside. And it's finally warming up. So once the 2 feet of snow melts, and once the ground becomes reasonably dry, I will finally be able to move upstairs. Here is a list of things I cannot wait to do:

1) Grill out
2) Sit outside the chimnea with friends
3) Walk the dog
4) Play catch
5) Bike
6) Watch Chelsey on her scooter
7) Fix shit
8) Sit outside and smoke cigarettes and drink beers.
9) Plant things
10) Not put in a swimming pool.