Monday, April 19, 2010

I have 2 things to say.

Yeasayer. Love is All.

These are very nice things to hear on the way to work, with a little Beck thrown in. They blow NPR during a pledge drive right out of the water.


  1. Excellent point. I have Yeasayer to thank for getting me through my run yesterday. They came to Omaha last week and we all biffed on the date. By the time we got our shit together, the show was sold out.

    All is Love - I got their last CD and wanted to like it more than I actually did. Maybe I will like this one more.

  2. I have changed my original post to reflect the band's actual name -- Love is All. I have a real problem with this, what with the Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack and all.

    That aside, Early Warnings (on the new CD) is a lovely bad morning song. And since most of my mornings are crappy these days, I appreciate it very much.