Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tendon Sick

Here's a terrific development from my moment of achievement two weeks ago.  The extra wear and tear of thirteen miles seems to have somehow injured my achilles tendon.  Now whenever I do anything the slightest bit physical - like say, dig up a garden, I get an intense pain in my achilles tendon.  We're talking about pain that would be akin to someone kicking me in the achilles tendon with a sledge hammer.  I realize that one cannot kick with a sledgehammer, but that's how it feels.  I looked it up on webmd.  It sounds like achilles tendinitis.  It's common for middle aged men, who have recently increased their running distance. So my great achievement has really just become a friendly reminder of how old I am.  Great.


  1. Oh hello. Go to a podiatrist and get a tendon stretcher. They help a lot, and provide your wife with tons of material for mocking you.

    My orthopaedist said my weakened achilles, due to tendinitis helped my ankle break twice.

    however, the only real cure for tendonitis is inactivity, so by breaking my ankle and keeping it immobile, it was able to heal. it's coming back though. i hate my achilles tendon. i hate my legs below the knees.

  2. Welcome to being old. When I jump into running too quickly, I tend to get plantar fasciitis or something that feels like shin splints but is actually not as cool as shin splints.

    I've started a samba class now, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to break my ass, which will not be pretty. If this does not happen, I should be ready for Carnival in a year or so.

    Which reminds me -- I'd like to see more Treme commentary here. My only comment so far this week is that Dave keeps deleting my demands that the DVR tape this week's show. Perhpas tonight. Dumb bastard.

  3. You will all be happy to know that I have scheduled a doctor's appointment. Everything I have read says the same thing: I'm old, my body's messed up. I should stop doing anything forever.