Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hot times in O Town

So then, when you know what's up with you, post here about when you're on vacation, what you'd like to do/host, and good ideas about sneaking out of Crown Pointe without anyone noticing.

I've got this so far:
1. Brent -- 1 to 1 1/2 days vacation, wants to do zoo, spacey museum, possibly cookout
2. Chuck -- ?? vacation, wants us to visit him at work, will provide weird dog so we won't get homesick
3. Chelsey -- 0 vacation, wants to do nails, loves only outdoor pools b/c they make her more beautiful

All are welcome at our room/pool/old-peopled good times.

Just go ahead and update here, and I'll try to come up with a schedule. Brent, I hope your magic email trick works on this one.

What are we going to do?

So last week I found out Wendy and the twins are coming in town at the end of July.  Which begs the question, of what sort of good times can we get into while she is in town.   Here is my list of ideas, assuming we can get them away from Grandma's apartment:

1) Zoo - new Madagascar exhibit. What?
2) Ice Cream - everyone loves ice cream?
3) Indoor Swimming - I hear their hotel has a pool.  Possibly indoors.
4) Outdoor Swimming - Pirate Cove - in Council Bluffs - priced just high enough to keep the riff raff out.
5) Amazing Pizza Machine - buffet. games. go carts. good times.  all under one roof.
6) Punch Chuck in the gnads.
7) Drive into the country - leave grandma out there.  debate about whether we want to go back and get her. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fathers Day Gift Buying Guide

This weekend is fathers day. This being the case, I thought I should really get on the stick and get my dad his present.  So I knew what I wanted to get him: a Saints Superbowl shirt because I am trying to force my fandom on the rest of my family this year, through ugly Saints-themed tshirts.

So I went online to pick out a shirt, and found the one I wanted, but it was only like 15 bucks. So I thought I would get him some sporty shorts, as he just joined a gym for the first time in his life. Okay – so I get the shirt and the shorts, and I get to the shipping part, and it says it could take anywhere between 4 days and 14 days to get there. This makes me mad.

So I do what I do whenever something gets me mad on the internet. I go to zappos. I have now scrapped the saints shirt gift, and am looking just for athletic shorts. I figure, I can get him some shorts, and support my favorite online vendor ever, and all will be well.  So I am looking at all their athletic shorts, and I don’t see anything that I feel good about. People in my family do not appreciate $30 name brand athletic shorts, and that’s all zappos has. So I then think that perhaps I could buy him a pair of shoes – although I think at that point I was just shopping for myself. I then see these shoes that I now have an uncontrollable urge to buy.

I have given up on my dad completely.  I am just trying to stave the little voices in my head that keep telling me I should have these, despite the fact I have absolutely no need to buy another pair of running shoes.

Those things are badass.