Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hot times in O Town

So then, when you know what's up with you, post here about when you're on vacation, what you'd like to do/host, and good ideas about sneaking out of Crown Pointe without anyone noticing.

I've got this so far:
1. Brent -- 1 to 1 1/2 days vacation, wants to do zoo, spacey museum, possibly cookout
2. Chuck -- ?? vacation, wants us to visit him at work, will provide weird dog so we won't get homesick
3. Chelsey -- 0 vacation, wants to do nails, loves only outdoor pools b/c they make her more beautiful

All are welcome at our room/pool/old-peopled good times.

Just go ahead and update here, and I'll try to come up with a schedule. Brent, I hope your magic email trick works on this one.


  1. Well my magic email trick didn't seem to work. My aplogies. Who would have thought this would be the most challengin aspect of my blog. I can get text messages everytime the Baltimore Orioles score a run, but I can't figure out how to add email updates to my blog. WTF?

  2. Well I got an email update Brent saying that you posted a comment on MY post?!?!

    If I can make it to any of those events I will do my darndest but I really don't think I can take vacation until I have been here 90 days. Currently I have only been here like 45 or something.

    Outdoor pools only help me with my tan which hides the fat.....

    I will just try to get in on as much as I can.

  3. Hey - and let's not forget the Amazing Pizza Machine. That thing is awesome.

  4. 1. No pressure on ANYONE to take time off work. If you can, great, if not -- I totally understand. I view this trip as me taking a bullet for the Helen/Nancy cause. If we get to see you kids too, all the better.
    2. Chuck, could you buy some groceries ahead of time that we could pick up and stick in our super-groovy suite fridge? It won't be much -- just enough to keep the kids stocked in Pop Tarts and fruit.
    3. Brent, I've gotten the updates in my spam folder, so you might check there. You've done a fine job. I don't care what Chuck says.
    4. I think the kids would love love love the Amazing Pizza Machine. How can we get the kids there without the hearing aid queen? Or is there a soundproofed room inside where we could stow her?

  5. I got the green light for both days off. I'll be at Pizza Machine both days, so I'll probably see you guys there.

  6. I was able to get Friday off, but Thursday is our department's strategic planning retreat, so any hopes of taking a half-day are officially dead in the water. Please plan accordingly. I will still be available for Thrusday night hang outs.

  7. All good. Sounds like it's zoo party USA on Friday. You all just missed a heckuva musical (J-Z's second of the summer). Jude was a ghostbuster, as always, and Zoe was Cherry Blossom, the ninja. Zoe strong-armed both their favorite swim instructors into coming.

    My point -- be prepared to be strong-armed into many things by Zoe. She's born to be management.

  8. So here's how I see things:

    WEDNESDAY we get to town, hang out with Helen, maybe swim at the hotel a while, go out to dinner.
    THURSDAY we do kids' museum in the morning, meet with Hel after for lunch and what have you, afternoon with her, dinner at Amazing Pizza Machine.
    FRIDAY we do zoo as early as possible, meet up with Hel after for lunch, afternoon to early evening for air exploration/manicures, dinner out.
    SATURDAY we pack up and probably hang out at Hel's before we hit the road -- maybe an early lunch out.

    Nights are open at the suite while the varmints are asleep.


  9. Looks like a good agenda. Looking forward to a meeting of the chuck and wendy book club for one of the evenings.

  10. Looks good to me too. Chelsey and I are going to cockblock the book club somehow. Not sure how, but we will.