Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What are we going to do?

So last week I found out Wendy and the twins are coming in town at the end of July.  Which begs the question, of what sort of good times can we get into while she is in town.   Here is my list of ideas, assuming we can get them away from Grandma's apartment:

1) Zoo - new Madagascar exhibit. What?
2) Ice Cream - everyone loves ice cream?
3) Indoor Swimming - I hear their hotel has a pool.  Possibly indoors.
4) Outdoor Swimming - Pirate Cove - in Council Bluffs - priced just high enough to keep the riff raff out.
5) Amazing Pizza Machine - buffet. games. go carts. good times.  all under one roof.
6) Punch Chuck in the gnads.
7) Drive into the country - leave grandma out there.  debate about whether we want to go back and get her. 


  1. Can I vote for outdoor swimming? I need to work on my tan!

    Also, our zoo is becoming quite badass so I also vote that.

  2. A word about the plan . . . I already gave Wendy an extensive list of Omaha activities and, for better or worse, the word gnad never appeared on it.

  3. Chuck - did you do it on a mother fucking blog though? I doubt it. I mother fucking doubt it.

  4. I'm all about the planning. I've even warned Mom there would be a schedule, but she seems to be taking it A-OK.

    1. Zoo is a must, and we can get in free, due to our Dallas zoo membership. You chumps are on your own. I'm thinking one weekday morning, the earlier the better so the animals and Hel aren't grumpy (she and Mom have already opted out of this one).
    2. Pool is indoors -- sorry Weepy. Jude and Zoe seem to do nothing but swim in the summer, but they'll think an indoor pool is the bomb. Plus it will give us a good escape from the oldies. Except that Mom and Gramdma think it would be just GREAT for them to hang out at the pool and watch the kids swim. Maybe that can be a one-day thing.
    3. What about the children's museum? Does it stink? We can get in free there too.
    4. I was hoping maybe one afternoon we could divide up boys vs. girls style. Boys do space museum. Girls get their nails painted.
    5. Do you know I have a wet bar?
    6. So . . . I need to know if you're able to take off any work, want to do any of this crap, and whether you want to fire up the grill one evening.
    7. I'm looking forward to it all, but I'll probably have a bitch of a headache once it all gets rolling.

    Good job, Koster(Pelding) team!

  5. 1. We have a zoo membership too! Eat it!
    2. I am only into outdoor pools....but I don't think I can get off work so it's ok if you swim without me:(
    3. I have never been to the Childrens Museum but have always wanted to go
    4. I love getting my nails painted!
    5. At your hotel? At the pool? What is a wet bar?
    6. Grilling is very possible but we do have a huge mosquito problem this year
    7. Bring drugs.

  6. Weepy --
    1. Drugs. You are a genius.
    2. We'll try to do nails in the evening-ish so you can glam up with the rest of us.
    3. We had a wet bar at our old house in OKC, as I recall. Never used it. Then again, I was mostly in high school, so I guess that's to be expected. I plan on filling our sink at the hotel with ice and grain alcohol.
    4. No worries on grill. Just trying to figure out where to feed Helen, as she fully expects to never eat at home once we show up.
    5. I am into pools that disguise the fact that I am an enormous fatty.
    6. I will now try to eat your zoo membership.

    Koster boys --
    Let me know if you're working or not or whatever, and I'll try to come up with a GOOD TIME ITINTERARY.

  7. I can definitely get one day off. Possibly a day and a half.

    I would really like to go along for the zoo, and would be into taking Jude to the Air and Space museum in Gretna.

    I think a cookout would be lots of fun.

    I feel like I have been to the children's museum, but maybe I haven't...

  8. I think I just made it so we all get emails when we post. Let's see if this works!