Monday, July 26, 2010

WJZ - Day 2 and 3


Day 2 involved the children's museum and the Amazing pizza machine.  And based on Wendy's pictures some quality time at Chuck's/Grandma's house.

Here's what we learned:

The Children's Museum Has a Contraption that Consumes Jude and Zoe

Again, I wasn't there, but apparently this thing grabbed hold of the kids and didn't let go. 


Chuck's House is Full of Crap

I have no idea what's going on here, but I do know Jude and Zoe really liked Birdy, Chuck's dog.  And apparently they enjoyed his wide variety of knick knacks. 

Knick Knacks

The Amazing Pizza Machine is Awesome

My grandma made fun of fat people and Jude and Zoe found a machine that was paying big in the ticket department.  Jude ended up with over 1000 tickets.  Zoe had over 200.  They were overjoyed.



Day 3 involved the Zoo, Putt Putt golf, manicures, and Steak Dinners.  Oh and Wendy had a weird face rash thing. Notables:

The Zoo Can Break Your Heart

I don't think anyone had this experience while at the zoo, but it's good to bear in mind all the same.  We saw lots of animals and ate ice cream.

Move it, Fatty.

Omaha Steak Houses are Dark and Creepy

On the way to the steak house, Jude peppered Chuck and I with questions about nuclear weapons and general world annihilation topics.  Kids!

Steak and Shirley Temples
Then we went home.  There was a Day 4 too, but it was all too brief.  We did get in some quality card playing, and posed for family pictures. 

I'm on one knee.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

WJZ - Day 1

Here's how the Wendy and kids visit is going so far. 

Dancing - There has been a lot of it.  Zoe is a very good dancer and she is very willing to share her gift with the world.

Picking Out Food - It turns out it's more difficult for a 90-year-old to pick out her food than it is for Jude and Zoe.  This is something I have always wondered about.  Grandma is also fussier about her food.  To me, this means that grandma is further away from the beginning/end of life than Jude and Zoe are.  Obvioulsy they are moving in opposite directions.  Which means, +/- a year, Grandma is going to live <6 more years.  Which isn't really news at all. 

Margaritas - In a game-changing move, Wendy ordered margaritas with dinner.  This opened the door for three more people to change their order to magaritas as well.  Well played, Wendy. 

Grandma is Going to Get Crabbier - I will express it like this:  Grandma's crabbiness now < Grandma's crabbiness in two days.  This is a no brainer.  She has already expressed some bewilderment as to whose car is taking her places.  This will only get worse.  And possibly more entertaining. 

Cheese Dip - Great cheese dip.  Good job, Chuck. 

Overall a solid start.  Many big events on the horizon.  Amazing Pizza Machine tonight.  It's going to be off the hook.  Zoo tomorrow.  Kick ass.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Look!  I turned this into a post!

WEDNESDAY we get to town, hang out with Helen, maybe swim at the hotel a while, go out to dinner.

THURSDAY we do kids' museum in the morning, meet with Hel after for lunch and what have you, afternoon with her, dinner at Amazing Pizza Machine.

FRIDAY we do zoo as early as possible, meet up with Hel after for lunch, afternoon to early evening for air exploration/manicures, dinner out.

SATURDAY we pack up and probably hang out at Hel's before we hit the road -- maybe an early lunch out.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Wiener Race 2010

It all started with an article.  Or was it an add?  Whatever it was, Chelsey found it in the Thursday newspaper while we were at Jazz on the Green. 

"This Saturday!  Wiener Races in Syracuse, Nebraska in honor of GermanFest."

We jumped to attention.  Wiener dogs?  We have a wiener dog!  We love wiener dogs.  There was a phone number.  Chelsey called it, hoping for a message that offered more details.  She got more than she bargained for...

A very nice lady answered the phone at 8:30pm, and told Chelsey that we would have no problem entering our dog Deuce at this later juncture.  She told us where to get the registration form.  That was all we needed. We were going to Syracuse!

Chelsey called the vet and got any up-to-date list of Deuce's shots.  I made some slight alterations to my previous Saturday plans - running in a 5k.  We trimmed up Deuce's Saints jersey, making the necessary adjustments for him to run super fast.  I brought up some wiener racing videos on youtube. They made Deuce bark.

The next day, Chelsey picked me up from a post 5k breakfast, and we were off.  Chuck was there too.  We made our way to Syracuse.  The drive mostly consisted of two-lane highways.  Chelsey was at the wheel and everything was looking good.

Until we hit the construction.  We are already cutting it close.  Would this push us over the ledge of lateness?  We sat and waited to be escorted across the aforementioned construction, while the gentleman behind us got out of his car, lit up a cigarette and talked up the construction worker holding the stop sign.

We got moving again, and made it to town with plenty of time to spare.  There were wiener dogs everywhere.  Small ones.  Big ones, white ones, black ones, skinny ones, fat ones.  It was so great.  All these little wieners, walking the street in peace and harmony.  No barking.  Just wieners.

We killed an hour, waiting for the race.  As Deuce's heat grew near, we could feel the tension rising.  Deuce started pysching out other dogs.  He actually snapped at a dog that wasn't even in his weight group.  (Deuce was a "Little Smokie." The dog in question was a "Brat.") Chelsey defused things by looking for another dog to adopt.

We handed the camera to Chuck, giving him all too brief instructions on how to shoot video.  A decision that would cost us in the long run.

Finally our heat was called to the starting block.  I took in Deuce, and put him in the first lane.  We walked up to meet Chelsey, who would be standing at the end of the lane.  We made the connection. It was all clear.  Deuce knew Chelsey was at the end of the race.  He would go meet her as quickly as possible.  We would win the race.  I would throw Deuce in the air.  We would would drink beer out of a boot.

What happened instead shocked us all.  The lady said "go!"  All the dogs took off.  Deuce just sat there.  Then he milled around a little, sniffing along the way.  Finally, he found a friendly lady next to the race cage, and started licking her hand.  Race over.  We were the losers.

We decided that since we didn't leave, we didn't need to drink beer out of a boot.  We piled into the car.  On the way out of town, we asked Chuck about the video.  Turns out those filming instructions were a bit too brief.  Nothing on the camera. 

But we did get the chance to get some really cute pictures of Deuce on the way home.  For most of the ride he had this huge smile on his face.  A smile that said to us "I really did great on that race." 

No you didn't Deuce.  No you didn't. 

Friday, July 2, 2010

Brent's elbuzzard 1/2 Year Music Post

Every year around this time, Kent and I swap email about how crappy the music is that year. Then by the year’s end, we manage to like 20 or so albums enough to make our lists that no one reads. This year is no different. Except this year, I vow to give up on more music earlier. Here is my list of keepers and throw awayers.

Keepers (in alphabetical order)

Broken Bells – Nothing wrong with this album. But it’s not that great either. But it’s not that bad.

Charlotte Gainsbourg – I have finally embraced this album all the way. It has three or four high points. The rest is just okay.

The National – More of the same from the National. Songs about my lame life. Really good.

She & Him – Sweet music. Really good production. I’m in love with both members.

Sleigh Bells – This has most of my favorite summer songs thus far. Loud crashy cheerleader music. It’s not new, but it’s nice to get a new spin on it.

Surfer Blood – Dave, I think maybe you would like this. It reminds me of the 90’s but maybe not the 90’s that you liked the best. But still worth trying.

Titus Andronicus – I like this album, but I feel like its akin to eating way more food than one should. It just wears me out. Still waiting for it to click.

Vampire Weekend – The rest of my favorite summer songs are on this cd.

Throw Awayers

Beach House – Dear Beach House, You make really boring music. Signed, Brent.

Caribou – Dear Caribou, I don’t understand what you are trying to do. But I see that others do. So there you go.

Gil Scott Heron – Dear Gil-Scott Heron, Even if you were the coolest person ever, there would still be no reason to make this music. No reason.

Gorillaz – Dear Gorillaz, Good for you.

Janelle Monae – Dear Janelle, Kent made fun of me when I wanted to listen to you. Kent was right. Thanks for that.

Roky Erickson & Okkervil River – Dear Roky, Thanks for making an album that puts a permanent blemish on the careers of Okkervill River. I’m not sure they could have done it themselves.

Okay. All done. There are still plenty of cds that are still under consideration for the year-end awards. So don’t give up, Ruby Suns and Morning Benders.