Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Look!  I turned this into a post!

WEDNESDAY we get to town, hang out with Helen, maybe swim at the hotel a while, go out to dinner.

THURSDAY we do kids' museum in the morning, meet with Hel after for lunch and what have you, afternoon with her, dinner at Amazing Pizza Machine.

FRIDAY we do zoo as early as possible, meet up with Hel after for lunch, afternoon to early evening for air exploration/manicures, dinner out.

SATURDAY we pack up and probably hang out at Hel's before we hit the road -- maybe an early lunch out.


  1. We could also host a cookout at the Kosterpeldings! I forgot to mention this earlier. We have a whole slew of yard games! And Chuck has badminton at his house!

  2. Brent, that is a very nice post and a very nice comment. What day would you like to host the cookout? Will we need halter tops?