Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Hits!

A lot of people ask me, "Brent, what songs move your heart this summer?"  I'm sick of answering.  Here's a list.


This is hands down my favorite song of the summer.  It makes me feel cool. 


I like to make up words to this song while I shower.  It's written in such a way that my made up lyrics fit perfectly.  The only other songwriter who does this is Dave Berman of the Silver Jews.


My favorite new album National song.  I can listen to this on repeat over and over.



I finally found an song on this album I liked as much as stuff off Sounds of Silver.  It's long too.  So you can listen to it on your way accross town.


You seem to believe you belong to somebody else.


I heard this song, and I said to myself, "Well the Black Keys have finally made an album for Brent."  Then I heard the rest of the album.  Then I heard this song again, and decided to go to their concert.  It's this Monday evening, outside, in 97 degree heat.  Excellent.


It is because of Dr. Dog that I feel like I could maybe be a Crosby, Stills and Nash fan someday.  God help me.


I had to pick between this and Flash Delirium.  To my great surprise, I picked this.


2009 song.  Don't care. 


Just came out. Don't care.

That's it!  I have a list of other songs here:

In the Sun - She & Him
King of the Beach - Wavves
One - Yeasayer
Le Chat Du Cafe Artistes - Charlotte Gainsberg
I'm a Pilot - Fanfarlo
Obscene Queen Bee - Flashy Python
Take It Easy - Hush Arbors
Speechless - Lady Gaga
Excuses - Morning Bender
Riot Rhythm - Sleigh Bells

Okay.  That's really it.


  1. I added numbers so we could talk specifics!

  2. Now I can add Dave's thoughts!

    I like No. 1, 6, 8, 9
    Want to like, but just can’t No. 5
    Despise 2, 3, 4, 6, 7

    I love you,


    (I actaully added that last part).

  3. My comments don't seem to have posted so I'll redo them. 1 - fantastic song. 2 - This song seems very average to me. 3 - I'm still searching for a song to get excited about on the National cd. Maybe in a month I'll be loving this song too. 4 - I vote for Dance Yourself Clean or Pow as the best song on the new LCD. 5 - Love this song. 6 - Don't like the black keys, like this song. 7 - Still not a fan of Dr. Dog. 8 - no. 9 - Oh, yes! 10. Still sorting out which arcade fire songs I like. This seems like a pretty good one.

  4. I like my ex-girl by the Black keys a bit better than the song posted.

    I also really love this joy formidable song...i may have to put it back on the old ipod !

  5. Count me in on being right on board with 1,2,4,6,8, and 10. Clueless as to 5,7,9. I'd like to note here that Jude is a big fan of The Black Keys. Which Joy Formidable song, I wonder? I also have a softspot for Yeasayer, which I think I've mentioned previously.

    Yay Sleigh Bells -- maybe the whole damn album! Yay me for being familiar with 7 of the bands. That has to be a new record. Thanks, satellite radio.

    Brent, will you make me a kick-ass CD this year? Also, not so much with the Flaming Lips Pink Floyd tribute?


  6. I can't deal with this number system because they are so spread out it takes to long to see which numbers people are talking about!

    Wendy--number 9 is the joy formidable song.

    I also <3 yeasayer and sleigh bells and the black impressed that jude likes such sexy music

  7. Chuck - I would recommend Bloodbuzz, Ohio as a nice entry to the National album. (which looks alot like National anthem when I write it). Also, it's clear that when I pick the slow song, I lose you.

    Wendy - I will make a kick-ass cd, and I didn't even attempt to get that Flaming Lips album. I listened to it online when it came out, and it did nothing for me.

    Chelsey - I agree about the number system.

  8. Jude is a sexpot. What can I say? I'm not happy about it, but when you got it, you got it.

    Thanks for the heads-up on #9. I'm pretty sure the only Joy Formidable song I've been hearing this summer is Whirring. 2 bad things about relying on radio: 1. You only get singles; 2. They show the band the whole time but the song title for 2 seconds. And if you turn up the music when the song you like comes on, they tell you the volume number instead of the song.

    Titus Andronicus played here the other day at a great venue. I thought of you all and wished someone was seeing the show.