Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Swimming Understood Through a Thanksgiving Lesson

Here's why I am enjoying swimming more this year.  My typical swimming experience is as follows.  Go to the pool  enjoy the water.  Get out.  Slather on sun block so that I don't burn my fare fare skin.  Worry about this for the duration I am out of the pool.  Get back in the pool, washing off all sunblock.  Repeat. 

I have finally outsmarted this with a simple too.  The t-shirt.  For some reason, I have always felt I needed to be shirtless poolside.  Like the cumulative 5 hours I was going to spend sunbathing on pool days in the summer was going to somehow address the farmers tan I have every year - despite the fact I was slathering on said sunblock.  How dumb. 

This feels exactly like when I figured out that I could finally enjoy Thanksgiving dinner by mashing all the food together.  There was nothing that said I had to enjoy the turkey by itself.  Yet every year I would eat all the food by itself, loving the potatoes and dressing, and hating the turkey.  Then one year I blended it all up.  Eureka.  I suddenly got the appeal of Thanksgiving.  Even turkey can be enjoyed in that format.

So back to swimming.  Now that I have figured out the shirt thing, days at the pool are much less stressful. Having already hit the age of not giving a shit what I look like with my shirt off, I have come to realize that I also don't care what I look like with my shirt on, at a pool full of shirtless wonders.  And most importantly, the sun burn issue is finally a non-factor. 

I would also like to end this with a little something my coworker Erin said this summer.  It's very true.  It sounds like something a grandparent or parent told her, but she says she just made it up. 

"No matter how you look at a pool, there is always someone who looks worse than you." 

I have checked.  And this is very true. 


  1. I really think you need to give my family some credit in the Thanksgiving thing....that's how we Erpeldings do.

  2. That is entirely possible, although I typically just credit your family for hosting the first Thanksgiving wherein I actually enjoyed a non-dry turkey. For most of my life I thought that was a oxymoron.