Monday, September 20, 2010

Really Very Small

My first week with a DVR has been a failure.  It's great having one.  For all the reasons I thought it would be great to have one.  But the laissez faire attitude that I assumed would accompany my DVR has not shown up.  It seems like everyone I know who has a DVR plays it really cool about seeing a show when it plays for the first time.  They DVR it, and plan on watching it when they have some free time.  I cannot shake my old ways.  I want to watch shit as soon as possible.  And I keep using it like I did when we first got our VCR when I was a kid.  I record anything that I might possibly want to watch again.  (I have not watched any of it again). 

I'm afraid COX may take it away for being so stupid. 

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