Thursday, October 14, 2010

Office Dumbness and a Nice Picture

Yesterday all of the executive staff at my office got together and decided that those of us in cubicles (none of the them are in cubicles) need to not trash up our cubicles by putting anything on top of our outer walls.  Not really a big deal.  Just kind of funny considering that their offices are decorated in such a lame fashion.  From diecast replicas of sportscars, to framed pictures of badass cars they used to drive, to any number of golf trophies.

So we got to thinking about what a shame it was that we could no longer put our huge trophies all over our cubicles, which led to one of my employees googling this:

Large trophies.  Definitely.  But the real pleasure for me in this picture is the agitated man in the front row, and the man in mustard yellow trying to calm him down.  There's also the two champs:  one of which looks like a young Jean Claude Van Damme, and the other who looks like a plumber. 

This picture has it all.  Is the man upset about the trophies being too big?  Too small?  Is he mad he didn't get a coat?  Why did they invite him in the picture?  Surely he was upset when they called him up.  I could go on and on.


  1. Chuck's reaction: There must be some sort of hard and fast rule about the more worthless the endeavor, the larger the trophy. This explains why child beauty pageant prizes are so outré.

  2. Please allow me to belatedly register my appreciation for the remaining Asians in the photo, particularly the woman. Smile, and look at the camera, and it will all be over soon enough. Smile, and look at the camera, do not add to the fray. I love the Asian woman. Love her.