Monday, October 25, 2010

That was so funny.

Several weeks back Brent and I tried to come up with a list of our top five funniest movies. The impetus for our list was our disgust with the American Film Institutes's list of the funniest movies of all time. Our list is probably not so good either, but at least it actually has some funny movies on it.

1. Raising Arizona

2. Rushmore

3. Bad Santa

4. Anchorman

5. Big Trouble in Little China

We rounded out another five in no particular order, in which we both able to put a movie on the list without the other's approval. Brent's singular vote was for Sean of the Dead. Mine was for Young Frankenstein. The other three were Airplane, Tommy Boy and The Three Amigos.


  1. This just makes me want to watch Big Trouble in Little China again.

  2. Maybe we should have Big Trouble at number five instead of Tommy Boy.

  3. I think maybe we would come off as cooler if we did that.