Monday, November 1, 2010

Trying To Do Halloween

Last year I bought a hotdog costume, vowing that I would finally start participating in a holiday that I have always kind of hated.  I did this for one reason:  Because my wife really likes it.  And I figure that she cheers for the Saints.  The least I can do is dress like a wiener.

So last year the costume showed up all wrinkly, and I couldn't do anything about it.  So it looked pretty shitty.  It has no form to it, so it just kind of hung there.

Note the filled in head.  That was all saggy last year.

This year I made some changes.

While watching the worst season finale to Project Runway ever, I sewed in a bunch of stuffing in key areas.  No one was more surprised than me to see that said changes actually worked.  Particularly on the head part.  I stuffed the shoulders too, but unfortunately the extra head stuffing negated the shoulder stuffing.  Fashion is so hard.

Note the puffy shoulders, and Chelsey's sexy gun.  

I also wrapped foil around the bottom portion of me, and called myself a Ballpark Frank.  This appeared to amuse no one but me.  And the foil kept falling off the first time I wore it, but I got it securely attached, and I think, if nothing else, it appeared confusing.  So there's that.


  1. Brent, if you really wanted to be a good Halloweener, you would've been a roller girl. That's what all the groovy boys in Dallas were this year. Dave was a ref. He's not exactly Mr. Halloween either.

  2. The eery white glow and odd slanting wall in the picture of you and Rita kind of makes it look the picture was taken in the future or aboard a space ship. Possibly both.

  3. I saw Dave's ref costume. Very safe. Not edgy like a ballpark frank at all. I'm always pushing the limits, but then you guys know that.