Thursday, December 30, 2010

Brent's List of Books He Read in 2010

  1. The Awakening - Kate Chopin - This is about a lady who realizes her life is lousy and drowns herself in Mexico.  It's about self-loathing, and I like that.
  2. O Pioneers!  Willa Cather - This book was a real disappointment.  It skipped over all the hardship pioneers stories, and turned into a story about love or something.  I don't remember. 
  3. Sean Payton Book - Sean Payton did not try very hard on this book.
  4. Drew Brees Book - Drew Brees tried maybe a little too hard on this book. 
  5. Jeff Duncan Book - This was the best of the Saints Superbowl Books - which isn't saying much. 
  6. Grapes of Wrath - America was not a very nice place in the 30's.  Hardship and dirt.  It was all hardship and dirt.
  7. The Boy Detective Fails - Chuck's favorite book - or one of them.  It's a pretty cute Encyclopedia Brown style mystery, except EB is grown up.  And his life is very sad.
  8. Huckleberry Finn - It's been a while since I finished this, and I honestly can't remember if this was better than I thought it would be or worse. I think I thought it was silly.
  9. The Falling Man - I have almost no memory of this book.  It's kind of about 9/11, and it's a novel. 
  10. Zeitoun - Best book I read this year.  1930's America was a walk in the park compared to New Orleans, Post-Katrina.
  11. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  I am reading this now.  I have no idea why.  It's not even going that fast.  And the girl with the dragon tattoo is barely in it.  The majority of the story is about this douchebag cheeseball journalist.


  1. I, too, am reading the Dragon Tattoo book. WTF? It's so boring I can't stay awake enough to finish it. I guess the true creepiness of the latter part of the book must be why people get into it. But I'm halfway in so far, and I'm just finding it annoying. I read a lot of books better than it this year. I can't remember their names, but I did.

  2. Wendy, I finished it last night. Although I must confess that I sort of breezed through the last 100 pages. Mostly because nothing happens. The crime is solved, and they're pretty much just standing around for 100 pages. A fitting end to a shitty book. On the plus side, I immediately started watching the movie, and it seems as though they did a fine job of trimming the substantial fat of the book.

  3. Same reaction to the last 100 pages for me too. End the damn thing already! I'm now reading the Played with Fire one. It's already tons better, I guess mainly because it's less about the dude. But, still, horribly written and just plain cheesy. You might be interested to know she gets a boob job in this one. Good stuff. As God is my witness, I will NOT read Kicked the Hornets' Nest.

  4. Then I will read it too. I hope there are pages and pages of corporate intrigue to get the ball rolling.

  5. Good news; this one is all about sex trafficking. Plus she sleeps with a 16-year-old. Plus he sleeps with everyone.

  6. As little as I thought of the first book, I thought the second book was a good 25% worse. Also thought the first movie was crap.