Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm in the Internet! On a plane!

So I am on my way to visit my friends in Atlanta, and Google Chrome has generously made the wifi free on all Air Tran flights as a holiday gesture.  How nice.  Sadly, I don't have much to do on the internet, and the signal is not strong enough to stream off of netflix, but who gives a fuck?  I'm on the internet.  I could bring up porn right now if I wanted.  This is great.

This is as good a time as any for me to give some holiday updates.

  1. Chelsey completed her capstone yesterday and passed with flying colors.  This means she will actually graduate with her masters on December 17th.  I am so proud of her.  As someone who would rather swallow a bucket of toilet bowl cleaner than go back to school, I am amazed that anyone goes back.  And seeing how difficult this has been at times for Chelsey, I could not be more happy for her - for for us and all the big-time money we are going to start seeing flow into the Kosterpelding bank accounts.
  2. I'm almost done with Grapes of Wrath, and I can tell it's not going to end in a very uplifting place.  Things just seem to be getting worse and worse.  Today they had to leave the place with the hot water to make a go at some peach orchard.  This can't be good.  After this I move on to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which I assume to be less taxing on my soul.
  3. I have acquired presents for almost everyone on my list.  But at what expense?  I'll tell you what expense: the expense of Chelsey and my xmas cards.  We are WAY behind.  And I wanted to print up cute ones off the internet this year, but we haven't taken any pictures yet.  Dammit.
  4. I have launched a new workout regment called "Brent goes to work early and works out in the new Goodwill gym, then showers, then puts on work clothes."  We are working on a shorter name.  I like this new plan because I end up being the first person in the building from time to time, which means I get to turn off the alarm.  That makes me feel important.  I also like it because no one else is around, and I don't have to worrry about accidentally farting when I work out.  The biggest drawback is that I keep forgetting to bring a change of socks and underwear.  Lots of free balling it and wearing no socks around the workplace. 
Oh - it looks like I have to get off.  Free airplane internet is the greatest!

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