Tuesday, January 11, 2011

the downward slope

So last night I was making spaghetti and was going to use some alfredo sauce from a jar. I decided I wanted to jazz up the sauce though. I remembered that among the random gifts Angelique gave me for Christmas was a bottle of merlot that with a label on it honoring the 25 years of existence of the Werner Trucking Company. So I opened the wine and added it to my sauce. I know nothing about wine but I figured that if I didn't do something with the wine it was going to go bad on me. So I decided to drink it (not all of it, just some) and was about to pour myself some when I remembered that I had a diet 7-up in my bag. Hello, homemade wine spritzer. So I decided to combine the two. To be fancy I opened up the cabinets above the stove to get a wine glass. Well the door was opened my eyes were drawn not to grandma's crystal finery, but rather a stack of paper A&W Rootbeer cups, another random gift from Angelique. Well when was I going to be able to drink out those again? So long story short, during the national championship game I ended up drinking two cups of merlot/diet 7-up in paper A&W cups, just waiting for the production crew of C.O.P.S. to show up. Now for the surprise ending, the two drinks mixed were really awful. I'm not sure the wine was well served by the lemon-lime zip. So that's my story. I'm going to try to get it together. Real soon.

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  1. That truly sounds awful. Please Google wine spritzer before you make another one.