Monday, January 17, 2011

Goodbye Car. Hello Car. (Now with a Picture)

In the past two days, Chelsey and I have miraculously turned a red 1997 Plymouth Breeze into a gold 2004 Honda CR-V.  That's right.  We now own a gold car.  I can't wait to put a fleur de lis in the window. 

I would now like to publicly recognize the Breeze for all its years of service.  You've been a good car, and despite your sissy name, you were very tough.  You kept my wife safe on many trips to Kearney, and you never failed to start, no matter how cold it got.  You also had a gigantic windshield.  Just massive. 

I asked Chelsey if she had a name for you, and she said she sometimes called you Old Bessy.  That's a good name for a car, and you earned it.  We will miss you Bessy.  And I feel really dumb for not thinking until right now that you had the same name as my favorite team's quarterback.


  1. It was a 1998 and you are not Saint-ing up my car damnit!
    Love you Breeze!

  2. The joys of buying a used car....
    Today I discovered the first quirky thing about the CRV. After turning left, the blinker stays on instead of automatically stopping after the turn.

  3. Does the new car have a rear tire cover? How mad would you be if it gets stolen? I guess I'm wondering if you would press charges against the person that stole it.

  4. No we would just hunt them down and bash the windows out of their 1997 CRV.