Sunday, March 6, 2011

For Dead People

This weekend I watched a movie about a man who threw his own wake.  It had a sad poem at the end of it.  This got me thinking I should start working on sad poems to be read at wakes and funerals.  Something along the lines of "Oh Captain, My Captain" I think I am the perfect person to do this, as I never cry at funerals, and I have time to practice before someone actually kicks the bucket.  Here is my first attempt.  I wrote it about Kent.  

Give me your notes.

Farewell my faithful comrade.
It's time to close the door.
The candle of your spirit fails.
And sadness evermore.

Farewell my faithful ally.
The the knower of mine mind.
From days of yore, 'til yesterday
My heart aches from our time.

Like falling soldiers left and right
I see us in the past.
Pursuing all our summer nights
And days that went too fast.

Romance and adventure both.
Balconies full of smoke.
Long evenings that grew into dawn.
Surrounded by our folk.

Farewell my faithful comrade.
Forever may you ride.
The blurry streets of howling joy.
Within my memory's tide.

From this day forth I am alone.
A stranger to mankind.
The world feels strange and draped in cold.
With no more sun to shine.



  1. Good news everyone. It made Kent cry.

  2. Did you watch Get Low? Was it any good. About the poem, I am extremely impressed. The only thing I would change is the stanza with the lines that end in "both" and the "smoke". They sound very similar yet don't rhyme. I change the balconies full of smoke, to balconies made of smoke, and make the first line about drinking together. Maybe . . "bottles our third companion"

  3. Chuck - the movies was that "The Living Wake" movie with my friend from college in it. Not sure if that's what you were asking. Thanks for the feedback on the poem. I see your point. I like romance and adventure, as that's what Kent's grandpa told him was most important to him when he was young. But I do think it needs reworked there.

  4. I've had this song going through my head all day.

    Perhaps, as a sign of my sisterly bond to you, I anticipated your poem? Also, please ignore the scary picture on youtube.

  5. Kent's funeral is really taking shape!

  6. What makes me the most sad is that even though I am the most accident prone person I know, I'm pretty sure I'll be the last person that I know to die, so all of this will be for naught.

    Romance and adventure with grace and dignity is my motto, Chuck.