Monday, March 21, 2011

For the Sake of History

This is my official post about the fact Chelsey and I are having a baby.  We found out on New Years Eve, and as you might imagine, it was a big fat shock.  Chelsey had an inkling.  I did not.  Finding out made the world stop.  We both sat down.  Chelsey cried.  And then the started the process of trying to wrap our heads around what had happened.  We are still trying to do this.

Having a kid was something that Chelsey and I had talked about and decided was okay only a month or two before.  We basically decided to try less to not have a kid, and boom:  preggers.  In short, we weren't ready for this news.  And it's been a long process trying to become ready.  But I guess we have some time, so that's good.

Chelsey is being a real champ about this pregnancy stuff.  She seems to take everything in stride, complaining along the way.  But complaining good-naturedly.  I've seen her white with nausea, and she gets more absent-minded by the minute, but she just seems to roll with the punches.

This weekend she had a bloody nose because now that's she pregnant she gets bloody noses.  She sent me a text that said something about how she now gets bloody noses thanks to "fucking Frank" (the name of our kid if it's a boy), but the autocorrect screwed her message all up, so it came across as "King Frank".  Which is what we have taken to calling the fetus. 

So here's to King Frank.  You are the king of our hearts already. 

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