Thursday, March 24, 2011

King Frank Updates

These will look a lot like Chelsey/House updates:

· Chelsey is still tired all the time, and very vomitty. Although not to the point where she actually vomits. It’s kind of like when I met her, and she used to be hung over all the time. Except then she used to vomit out of car windows. Which was awesome.

· We had a spirited discussion about nursery colors. We both like yellow, but we have this weird piece of furniture that is also yellow that we would like to incorporate somehow. So now we think maybe yellow isn’t the way to go. We talked about it for 10 minutes. Then we stared at the wall for 10 minutes. Then we watched some tv.

· The following things have moved Chelsey to tears in the past week, Big Love Finale, How I Met Your Mother, Pawn Stars. I made up the last one, but I wouldn’t rule it out.

· We are trying to figure out if we want to do that screening that tells you if your kid is predisposed to spina bifida and downs syndrome. I was against getting it. Chelsey was in favor of it. Then I looked at the photos of spina bifida.  I am also now in favor of it.  Spina bifida is very scary.

· We are also divided on whether we want to know the sex or not. I don’t. Chelsey does. So we’re going to have her find out, and attempt to keep it from me through the duration of the pregnancy. If she can do so, she wins a prize.


  1. 1. Yes I had a drinking problem when we my defense, I was 21 years old.

    2. It's very hard to decide what your unborn child will want as a room

    3. Among other things...i can't look at pictures of animals in shelters or I start crying

    4. So much to worry about...

    5. I need to know if this is a Frank or an Edith...although I am pretty sure it's a Frank. Also, everyone else thinks it's a Frank.

  2. Warning: Once Dave actually had kids, he found himself crying on the couch by himself over a 20/20 report on autism that was simultaneously making my pregnant friend Betsy cry as well. Just saying.

    And I'm 100% with Chelsey on knowing the boy/girl thing.

    And our kids don't remember the room they had when the were babies, which they lived in until they were 4 years old. You might as well make it a room that makes you happy; you'll be spending lots of time in there.

  3. I've been told many times that young men who don't cry turn into 40 year-olds who cry all the time. This mortifies me.

    The more I think about it, I want a cowboy theme for the room. With cowboy lullabies. And a huge bullhead on the wall.

  4. Yeah I don't really care what this kid wants as room but it's just a good excuse for not being able to make up my mind.

    Brent, I hope you do cry as an adult. It will be nice change of pace.

    Also Brent, I had to be so gender specific but I think that cowboys should be for boys only. AND since you aren't finding out this idea has been vetoed.

  5. Today's bout of sickness really did feel like a hangover.

  6. Brent has agreed to find out the sex of King Frank.
    We find out tomorrow!

  7. Wahoo! I can't wait!!

    How's the nursery/vomiting coming along?

  8. Nursery is almost empty...painting and filling in should commence in the next month or so.

    The nausea has pretty much gone away. Thank Jesus. Headaches are still in full effect!

  9. At least the boobs are drawing commentary . . . . That won't change for a while.