Friday, May 6, 2011

It always comes back to a world war

The crazy old lady strikes again! Let me start off by telling you a bit about my crazy old lady neighbor. She has lived in her house since 1942, her husband was a WWII vet who went crazy and then died. She never had kids, she has only had one cat in her life, and she claims she still doesn't have a cat even though I have seen cat food in her garbage can more than once. The first time I met her it was a cold March day. She spent 25 minutes talking to me outside about WWII and certain regions in Japan (wondering if I was familiar with them). She is clearly a hoarder. I try not to look in her house in fear of what I might see but this photo depicts what I imagine it looks like in there....maybe worse. She smells awful and dresses like a homeless man but she is super smart and can be really sweet. No matter what we are talking about it always comes back to a war (usually world war II, but yesterday it was world war I). Here is a recap of our conversation yesterday:

Crazy lady (CL): Are you pregnant?
Me: Yes, I am.
CL: Congratulations, you are carrying low. My aunt so and so always said that if you carried low that meant you were having a boy.
Me: Yes, I have heard that but the doctor says I am having a girl
CL: Well, they are probably right then. My aunt so and so had one child who died from the flu around WWI. You know, at that time they said that this was caused by germ warfare. That the Germans were the ones who spread that around. The Germans were much more advanced at that time. We lead in science now but back then it was the Germans.
(I just keep nodding along at this point as she continues to repeat parts of this story for a while).
CL: So anyway, congratulations on becoming a mother. I am glad you are going to have a child, so many women get abortions these days.
Me: (stunned, shocked) Umm, yes. Thanks.

And we both go our separate ways......


  1. What a beautiful woman-to-woman moment, just in time for Mothers Day. Imagine all the info she'll have for you once Edith is on the scene. Info involving a world war, of course.

  2. I feel like the crazy lady's life provides a real nice forecast into my future. Except I won't be a home owner, and instead of war I'll talk about movies all the time. Man, won't that be fun.

  3. Well Chuck I am pretty sure that was her mothers house so maybe if you stay at your grandma's house long enough.......