Tuesday, May 10, 2011

King Edith Further Update

So there's better news on the Edith front to report from our last baby doctor appointment.  For one, our doctor all but ruled out any of the nastier forms of spina bifida.  Which means we are most likely only going to be dealing with the occulta version - if at all.  Great news. 

So I asked her what to replace spina bifida with on my top 5 list of things to worry about.  She said her main concern woud be preeclampsia (or high blood pressure), which will present it's own list of issues, but most of them seem navigable.  Maybe bed rest or induction will be in order.  All of which are ok.  Not great, but ok.

Also, we are going to Minneapolis this weekend to buy baby shit from Ikea.  Very exciting.  We are also going to stop by Okaboji and see a Twins game.  It's our last vacation before King Edith comes along, so we are going to make sure to take lots of pictures. 

We have also been hitting the gargae sales pretty hard and heavy for baby shit.  That seems to be going well. 

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  1. Well--twins game didn't happen...neither did a lot of pictures. At least we accomplished our goal of getting a crib at Ikea.

    Side note-- I am really sick of being pregnant. I am ready for a few beers, not feeling huge, and maybe (but not hopeful) regaining some of my sanity.