Monday, May 2, 2011

King Edith Updates

Here's the latest on the baby front:
  • We know we're having a girl.  Found out for sure when we visited our special baby doctor.  
  • Our special baby doctor also told us that with Chelsey's genetic blood-clotting condition (MTHFR), combined with her blood work results put us at a 30% risk for spina bifida.  Hooray!  There is also the risk of us losing the baby late in her pregnancy, thanks to the MTHFR - so Chelsey will probably not go full term, to get little Edith out as soon as possible.  
  • Nothing earth-shattering, but no one wants to hear they have a 70% chance of having a totally healthy kid.  
  • We'll know more when we talk to our regular doctor this week.  
  • In the meantime we are adopting the attitude of "fuck it."  There's a whole bunch to worry about with this stuff, but we can't do anything about it.  It's just there.  And we can fret about it, or we can just say fuck it, and continuing falling in love with our future daughter.  
  • On the positive side, the room is painted, and we go to IKEA in a couple of weeks to get the crib.  Very exciting.  
  • We're also still sold on the name Edith Pearl - which is great because of this future vacation spot.
  • Now we just have to buy Chelsey some more maternity clothes, and get a doll so we can trick Deuce into being nice to the baby.
Speaking of Deuce.  Here is two minutes of him licking my hand.  


    1. Two minutes of licking is very impressive, Deuce.
      You should have posted a video of him licking your ice cream. That was a lot cuter.

    2. A few things:
      1. Laura's best friend from college is named Edie (presumably she's an Edith).
      2. The former chief justice of my court owned a mobile home she named Pearl. I think it was a windstream. I'm pretty certain she is a lesbian.
      3. The aforementioned Laura is also a special baby doctor (if that's what they're calling maternal-fetal medicine docs these days), so if you have any questions for her, just let me know.
      4. Dave very much enjoyed hanging out with all you Omaha kids while he was there trying to get Warren Buffet to take a shine to him. Including Helen.

    3. Thanks Wendy. We'll keep that tip in our back pocket. I look forward to see our doctor tomorrow. I'm sure she will do a good job of putting things in perspective for us.

      The special baby doctor was a bit of a freak. We actually saw him the next day. He was manning a both a Baby Expo thing we went to. He had no idea who we are, and when we identified ourselves he just kind of made an inaudible noise and didn't say anything.

    4. Very good. Your special baby doctor sounds like I feel about nearly all dermatologists.

      BTW, Laura says (in fancy medical talk) that you can pretty much rule out spina bifida with a targeted sonogram. (She's even offered to give Chelsey a free sono here, if you decide to visit.) And there's more stuff that's essentially positive, so that's nice. Also, Laura is often depressed but rarely creepy. Like me.

    5. I think you need a more different baby doctor.

      I would just like to say publicly that I now feel terrible for the following reasons:

      1. I left you a voicemail message.
      2. In said voicemail message I berated you for repeatedly butt-dialing me.
      3. I thought that somehow Wendy thought that a Windstream could be a lesbian.

    6. Wendy,

      Our OB basically said the same thing about the sonogram so I am not too worried b/c the MFM doc said it looked fine but was just a fact giving type of person who wore a 3 gold cross necklaces.

      I berate Brent for butt dialing me all of the time. He must learn.