Tuesday, June 21, 2011

30 Day Music Challenge - Day 11

Song From Your Favorite Band

Sorry for the delay on this.  I believe I suffered my first migraine ever today.  Those are truly awful.  I spent the day in the darkness of my basement trying to put pressure on my eyes and fighting nausea.

But I feel better now.  And I like this category, so the day is looking up.

My favorite band is a four-way race between Okkervil River, Silver Jews, Flaming Lips, and (if you count solo acts) Tom Waits.  I'm throwing out TW since he's not really a band.  Silver Jews because they are no more, and Flaming Lips because they peaked like 10 years ago.  Which leaves Okkervil River.  Which must be a good pick, because I can think of like 10 songs I would like to share with you people.

Here's the one I decided upon. This song came out as a little one-off single. I'm always impressed when an artist can just whip something out and have it be this good.

Chuck's song. This was immediately my favorite song on this album when Chuck got it. Then I decided I didn't like for some reason.

Wendy. It took me forever to like this song. But I like it. And one thing I really like about this list is finding out that Wendy likes New Pornographers as much as I like them. You should really come to Omaha, Wendy. No one here likes them that much.

Kent's song. I have been trying to avoid live recordings, but Kent and I were actually present for this one!


  1. This may be worth watching strictly on the grounds of it being a completely fucked up video. These images are utterly incongruent with what I associate to this song. In fact they may just ruin it for you. Maybe look away the first time you listen.

  2. Going with Brent's rules for your favorite band, my favorite band is Camera Obscura. My favorite song by them is Pen and Notebook, and it immediately dawns on me that I should have picked this song as the one that makes me sad.

  3. 1. Truly sorry about the headache. Sometimes a combo of cold over the eyes and warm around the neck helps me.

    2. Me with a favorite band? Who are we kidding? I bought the Sleigh Bells CD a few months ago, but I don't think we could count that, now could we? Let's go with New Pornographers. Slow Descent into Alcoholism.

  4. Um, whom are we kidding, I mean.

    Brent, things seemed to work much better for me when I stopped agreeing to let Google "remember" my sign-in info.

  5. Thanks for the tip, Wendy. My issue was that I wanted to put pressure on my eyes, but I also wanted to watch TV. Very difficult.

    But I'm glad to have you back.

  6. I don't care about your rules. I'll take a Tom Waits song.

    Jesus Gonna Be Here.

    I really wanted to pick a Neutral Milk Hotel song, but I'm betting there is a "favorite album" category that I can use them for. Why do I feel I cannot pick the same artist twice for this thing?

  7. I am having a really hard time with this one. I don't know if I have a favorite band anymore. I have been listening to my favorites all day but nothing is working out.