Monday, June 13, 2011

30 Day Music Challenge - Day 5

Song That Reminds You of Someone

When I met David Purdum, he had Naughty By Nature's tape in his car.  We listened to this song non-stop. It has a hospital sample at the beginning that they use in like 75% of all movie hospital scenes. Check it out sometime. Dr. James Blair gets paged in almost every movie that has a hospital scene.

Kent's pick. I had forgotten all about this song. When he posted it, I had yet to look it up, and I was in a training. Trying to recreate the song in my head look up like 35 minutes of a very boring training. So thank you Kent.

And Chelsey's pick. I have never heard this song before. But the video is awesome.

Wendy's picks have been awesome!

Chuck, I almost picked this one too. But I'm still too embarassed by her dance moves to it.


  1. This is a lame category. Way to broad. They should specify which "someone"...bff, spouse, ex-lover, enemy, etc. Lots of songs remind me of someone!

  2. That same sample is at the beginning of Operation: Mindcrime by Queensryche. Dr Blair, Dr. J. Hamilton.

    Advice to the Graduate reminds me of Jamie because I first heard of it, he was singing it over and over and over while I was sleeping and he was very drunk. Eventually I got up and and also became very drunk and sang along.

    Also, I agree. Lame category. I also hate having to type in the stupid captcha thing everytime I want to comment.

  3. Ghetto Cowboy by Mo Thugs reminds me of my friend Jared. It just makes me the think of one summer in high school. We went out hunting for the CD one night and listened to this song on repeat while driving around.....probably getting stoned.

  4. Alright. All songs so far are posted, and I removed the verification thing that Kent hates so much.

  5. Wendy: I Want to Kiss You All Over, Exile -- Kristie (Bohlin) Stienike, something about coming home from a night our drinking in college, someone confessing to hooking up with a guy we all knew, and Kristie asking, "Did you French him?"
    Also, Boy with the Arab Strap will now forever remind me of Chuck's birthday, celebrated in NC.

  6. I have songs that remind me of Wendy and Brent, but I'll pick one that reminds me of my mom. Connie Francis - Stupid Cupid. I believe she has some hand movements that go along with the song.