Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Concert Review: Titus Andronicus and Okkervil River

This was an interesting combination.  Once band that speaks to me now, and one that probably would have spoken to me when I was 18 - 20.  Fittingly we sat in the balcony all night and watched from above.  I love sitting at concerts.  Thank you King Edith. 

Titus Andronicus put a a good show.  Lots of energy.  There was a group of like 10 high school boys who were clearly having the time of their lives in the front.  This was enjoyable to watch.  Never has "Your life is over" been celebrated with such wild joy.  They also have this really nerdy girl guitar player who was fun to watch. 

Okkervil River got off to a shaky start.  We were suddenly surrounding by very drunk small-town Nebraskan's who were being very drunk and very loud.  But oddly enough, they were also huge fans.  It was weird.  They became less stupid as the concert went on, and it was really enjoyable.  Will Sheff has always struck me as someone who is a really huge douchbag when he is not writing songs that I love.  And he mostly lived up to that.  But I think his self-absorbtion makes for a good show at times too.  For instance, unless someone really thought they were awesome, they likely wouldn't do a 10-minute, partially acapella, stripped down version of "A Stone".  All alone on the stage.  This was awesome.  A little self indulgent.  But more awesome than anything else.  The second half of the concert was very Black Sheep Boy heavy, which is good for someone who thinks that is the best album produced since Aeroplane Over the Sea.  All the stuff from the new album was well executed too, although "The Valley" seemed a little off somehow.  They ended with Our Life is Not a Film and Lost Coast Lines.  Two winners, but Lost Coastlines suffers from not having the Shearwater guy to sing on it.  We left early because Chelsey was falling asleep at the table.  But it was really great. 


  1. I would like to clarify that we left during the last song. And yes, anything after midnight on a Tuesday is too late for a very pregnant lady like myself.

  2. Yes. In case that wasn't clear, I was very happy that my preggers wife accompanied me to the show after my no-good brother backed out. She was a real gamer. But I do assume there would have been a super-awesome encore.

  3. I thought the stripped down version of A Stone was the best.

    Leslie and I both fell in love at that show, she with the bassist, and me with the guitarist. It was great.

  4. Yes. I was all prepared for a foxy female in the band. She never showed. And the bassist really looked like trash. Good thing Leslie didn't see him in Omaha.