Wednesday, July 6, 2011

30 Day Music Challenge - Day 16

Song You Used To Love, That You Now Hate

This one took me longer than any other, and I'm sure I'm missing something, but this song represents the worst of my listening habits when I was in high school.  I had this thing for adult contemporary (Sting, Peter Gabriel, etc).  I should have been listening to the Clash.  Not this crap.  But I really loved the earth, and this song had a lot of nature noises in it.  Sting at his smuggiest best.  Enjoy.

Kent's song. I agree with your assessment of this challenge. That's why it took me so long. I love this song, but I guess I never loved it sincerely - only ironically. 

Chuck's song. So far my song is by far the worst.

Wendy's song. And my song was the official worst on the list. Good job, high school Brent.


  1. For the record, a blow by blow run-down of this album is available here, for anyone who happened to listen to it back in 1992.

  2. It's hard to say that I hate a song that I used to love, because even in their terribleness, I still appreciate them.

    I'll pick Youth Gone Wild by Skid Row. Thank you Pixies and Primus for saving me from going down Hair Metal Road in my youth.

  3. Yah Mo Be There - Michael McDonald and James Ingram. I don't really hate this song, but I used to LOVE it when it came out and now I can't really access why.

  4. How about Dust in the Wind by Kansas? Do I really hate it yet? Well, not yet. But I hope to someday.

  5. Wendy, don't you dare turn your back on Dust in the Wind.