Tuesday, July 12, 2011

30 Day Music Challenge - Day 17

A Song You Here Often on the Radio

I not only hear this song on the radio, I hear it everywhere I go.  Which is not a problem.  As I mention like once a month on here, I love this song.

Kent's song. Omaha people. Consider yourself lucky I never got an MP3 version of this song.

Chelsey's song. Thank you for letting me pick.

Chuck's song. As soon as I looked up this video I realized I had never seen it before. Now I get to watch it. Thanks Chuck.

Wendy's song. This is a really fine video.


  1. I don't listen to much radio except for WTUL and WWOZ, so I don't hear the same songs over and over, I just hear songs that sound the same over and over.

    That said, to this day I think the song that I hear most often on the radio is Stand Up and Get Crunk. Yes, still. If there is one thing New Orleans does well, it is beat something to death.

  2. The last song that seemed to be played everywhere, all the time, that I noticed, was that New York song by Jay-Z.

  3. I only listen to satellite radio, classical music, and NPR -- in reverse order. So I can only say it seemed the world had truly embraced Cee Lo Green's "Forget" You recently.