Tuesday, July 19, 2011

30 Day Music Challenge - Day 21

Song You Listen To When You Are Happy

Right now it's 149 degrees in Omaha each day with 99.999% humidity. This is the song that I sing to myself to keep my spirits high.

Cults "Go Outside" from Isaiah Seret on Vimeo.


Kent! Yes, Chuck did mention this song, but now I get to put on the Coachella version where he changes the lyrics to include the Foo Fighters show.

Wendy's song. I always thought this song was about me...


  1. Obviously it has a very sad video. But you get the idea. Just don't watch the video.

  2. The song Light and Day by Polyphonic Spree usually makes me happy.

  3. Belle and Sebastian's Boy from the Arab Strap. Didn't Chuck already use this? Oh well. I'm trying to catch up here and this is a happy song.

  4. I-Am-Happy song, I'll go with Fiona Apple's Extraordinary Machine. I wish I was that girl; sometimes when I listen to the song, I think I am her.