Wednesday, July 20, 2011

30 Day Music Challenge - Day 22

Song You Listen To When You Are Sad

Antlers! This song is about a sick relationship involving a hapless protagonist and his seriously ill wife. The words are very hard to make out. Thank your lucky stars for that.

This is a good album. I had forgotten about it. Thank you Chuck.

Kent's song is impossible to find on You Tube because Bob Dylan hates You Tube. But this is a fine song. We'll try this turkish link:

bob dylan - one more cup of coffee |

Chelsey's song.  Easily findable.  Thank you Chelsey.

Wendy's song. This is my second favorite Decemberists song. First being "Kingdom of Spain."


  1. Anyone who would actually like to make out the lyrics can mostly make them out here from their Daytrotter session.

  2. This category and the last one are far to similar to a previous category of songs that make you happy/sad.

    Whoever created this challenge really lacked creativity.

  3. When I was sad about all my tumor crap I would listen to Skates by Hayden.

  4. One More Cup of Coffee by Bob Dylan is a pretty good song to be sad to.

  5. It's also impossible to find on youtube. so many terrible covers

  6. No kidding! I did find a Turkish version. I'll see if I can embed it.

  7. I am going to stick with Cat Power as sad music for me. It's usually about breaking up. I don't know why but I usually listen to break up music when I am sad. I will go with Good Woman.

  8. When-You-Are-Sad -- Grace Cathredral Hill by the Decemberists. And to the question, "Are you feeling better now?" No. No, I am not.