Thursday, July 21, 2011

30 Day Music Challenge - Day 23

Song You Want to Play at Your Wedding

I'm glad someone asked.  I love the songs we picked for our wedding, but if I had the chance for a redo, I would play this song for our dance.

Chuck, thank you for fulfilling your destiny and bringing homoeroticism to the 30 Day Music Challenge

Kent's song. This is in the holy grouping that is Brent's favorite songs.

Wendy's song:


  1. When Angelique and I would talk about getting married, we envisioned dancing to "from this moment on" by Jimmy Sommerville, just because we went through a few crisises during our time together and wanted our wedding to be first instance in an easier life together. And nothing says, "the complicated times are behind us" like dancing at your wedding with your lesbian girlfriend to a Jimmy Sommerville song.

  2. I knew some people who talked about using When I'm 64 by the Beatles. I just think that's great.