Friday, July 22, 2011

30 Day Music Challenge - Day 24

Song You Want Played At Your Funeral

After Angelique's funeral, I feel like we all need to make clear what song we want played at our funeral. Just get it out there so people don't have to guess. Or maybe just don't play music at it.

But I settled on this song a long long time ago. Then stupid Inception decided to make it a key part of its plot. So help me God, if people think it's a tribute to Inception, I will come back from the dead and punch faces.

Kent. This is a good funeral song, but I don't think the Catholics are going to like it.

Chelsey. Thanks for the funeral endorsement. I'll make sure "18 and Life" is not played.


Wendy. This song was not a hit in England.


  1. In my younger days, I thought it should be My Way. Now I don't want that.

    Now I think that I would like Come on up to the House by Tom Waits.

  2. I have never really thought about this. But I would like it to be known now that Brent is the only one who gets to choose songs for my funeral. If we die at the same time that honor will get passed to my friend Hayden. Consider this my unofficial will.

    I think that Bright Eyes Lucky Easy Free would be a nice funeral song...if I die young...if I live to be 85 I think that my opinions on funeral songs will change.

  3. My song is still the Antony cover of "if it be your will"

  4. I really can't get my head around this one for some reason. Let's say Windy by the Association. People have often sung it to me in my lifetime, and I believe it will make everyone uncomfortable rather than happy or sad.