Thursday, July 28, 2011

30 Day Music Challenge - Day 25

Song You Can Play On an Instrument

I can (could) only play one song on an instrument. Eric Illarmo, my first friend in college taught me how to play "Losing My Religion" on ukelele. I never really got any good at it.

Chuck's song.

Kent's song. I need to remember this song when I compile my best songs of all time list. It's so badass.

Chels, if I could find a version that didn't make me want to put a bullet in my head, I would post it.

Wendy: I love this song


  1. I used to know how to play 3 Blind Mice on the recorder....I have a feeling I no longer know how.

  2. I remember during piano lessons, one of the first songs I learned to play the basic melody to was "Never on a Sunday". It was in my piano lessons book.

  3. I know several, but the one that I like the best to play these days is 100% by Sonic Youth because I get to sing it (I really like the Hey! part) and the bass is all fuzzed out, which is just a great sound.

  4. I am offended that you didn't post my song.

  5. I'm sure both my brothers will recall that at one point I could play both The Rainbow Connection and Magic (from Xanadu) on the piano. And let's not forget The Music Box Dancer; that was radio gold.