Friday, July 29, 2011

Why You Don't Mess with the Kosterpeldings

Today Chelsey and I got our neighbor removed from her house. And we got her house condemned. We didn't mean to, but we were fairly sure she had fallen in her house. And were afraid to go in and check on her because she is a hoarder and the idea of going in her house frightens us. So instead we let her lay there for like 20 hours, and called the police first thing this morning.

They came in, scooped her up, and condemned her house. From what I understand a crime lab was involved. Lots of pictures. And policemen choking and gagging from the state of her house on the inside.

So now she's gone. And we both feel bad. But it was either that or let her lay there until she died. There was no way we were going in that house.


  1. Nice former Saints players jerseys.

  2. I mostly like my dipshit smile. But the matching jerseys are also a plus.

  3. The summer of sadness, surprises, and terror continues. It seems your blog lables may be writing the script these days.