Monday, August 1, 2011

30 Day Music Challenge - Day 27

Song That Makes You Feel Guity

When Carissa's Wierd said "saying sad things that don't make sense just makes you look like a liar," I knew exactly who they were talking to.


Wendy! Sorry - this was the best I could do.

Kent. I've never seen this video before. So dumb!


  1. These days pretty much any song by La Roux will work. Angelique asked me to burn her a copy of it the last night we worked together. I of course did not.

  2. There's a kid song called The Song of Life by a band called Scribble Monster that equates the life the singer has now to the game Life. It's a very sweet song about appreciating all you have family-wise, and I often feel guilty because I'm too angry to really enjoy that.

  3. I guess I'll pick Fight Test by the Flaming Lips, but I'm not thrilled with that choice. It doesn't necessarily make me feel guilty, but I do identify with the regret of inaction.

    I Had My Chance by Morphine is another option that kind of expresses the same feeling.