Tuesday, August 2, 2011

30 Day Music Challenge - Day 28

Song From Your Childhood

This is a really dumb way to end this thing.  But if we have to do it, this is one of the first things I remember listening to as a kid. This is Gene Vincent. He was like Elvis, except he wasn't cool at all. This explains a lot in retropsect.

Incidentally, here is the song being sung by two way cooler people: Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis.

"Bang bang. Shoot 'em down. The party never ends."

Chuck's take on the uncool music we came to love as kids.

Wendy's! This is a slideshow video. The first slide is exceptional.



  1. 18 and Life--skid row.
    Yes, that is the kind of childhood I had.

  2. I feel like I've come across most of the music we listened to as kids in my adult life. The most noteworthy exception is Stranded in the Jungle. Evidently we were listened to a cover version by the white band, the gadabouts, instead of the original version or most popular version.

  3. The first 45 I ever owned was Why Me? by Kris Kristofferson. I have so, so many questions about how a 3-5 year-old kid came to own this song about a grown man desperately reaching out for Jesus to save him. I used to march around the room to it, which must have been quite a sight.

  4. I remember my Mom signing My Favorite Things from The Sound of Music to me when I was really little, that's probably the first song I remember.

    The first album I bought was Thriller, and my favorite song off of it was The Girl is Mine. How awful.

  5. Let the word go forth that all videos are now posted. It took some time. And I was forced to blow off my job for an hour. But I think it was worth it.