Wednesday, August 3, 2011

30 Day Music Challenge - Day 29

Favorite Song This Time Last Year

This is easy for me. I sometimes feel like Sleigh Bells were created somewhere by people catering to my musical tastes. And this was their crowning achievement.

Chelsey: Well this is a fine video.

Chuck's song. Chuck, it looks like I'm finally going to listen to this song.

Wendy's song. I'm very sorry about stealing Sleigh Bells.


  1. i have a terrible memory for this sort of thing...luckily i have a 2010 playlist on my ipod.

    i'll go with the morning benders excuses

  2. I'm not sure either, but I think it was about this time that I came upon the Atlas by Battles. This song is from 2007 or so but I found it on a best videos of the last decade list and really, really, really liked the song.

  3. Chuck that Battles song is like being attacked by a hive of bees.

  4. Brent, I think you know you robbed me here. Sleigh Bells was the only CD I bought in 2010 (unless you count a Natalie Merchant poetry thing). So I'll go with LCD Soundsystem I Can Change, but I'm not happy about it.

  5. My favorite song of last year was Taxi Cab by Vampire Weekend. But I bet at this time last year, Everlasting Light by The Black Keys was getting more play time.