Thursday, August 25, 2011

Edith Watch 2011

I guess everyone knows this, but Edith is scheduled to show up on the 31st.  We saw the doctor on Tuesday, and she scheduled it for us.  Chelsey is going in on the 30th, and she's getting induced the following morning.  We are so excited. 

It's funny how all the dread about being a parent melts away when faced with the fact that Edith is showing up on a concrete date.  I told a co-worker today that I'm so fired up, I plan on going in shirtless and oiled up.  Not sure how that would help, but that's how excited I am.  We both agreed I'd most likely be asked to leave.  So I'm not going to do that after all.

Also, because God hates us for not naming Edith after a saint, my car's muffler appears to have a hole in it due to rust.  The Versa sounds like some Asian kids souped up Honda.  It's embarrassing.  This happy little incident helped us learn that our car is no longer under the super-warranty we have enjoyed since we bought it.  Now it's just under a powertrain warranty.  Thanks for that too God.  Now that I think about it, we did name the dog after a Saint. 

So we have to pay for that.  And Deuce has a kidney stone so we may have to pay for that too.  But who cares?  I got a big fat promotion this week.  Well, it actually doesn't go through until January, but still.

King Edith is going to be so rich.


  1. I found 2 saint Ediths....

    The first is an illigitamate child of King Edgar the Peaceful (whoever the fuck that is)

    And the other was born Jewish, then became athiest, then converted to Catholoism. I can respect a woman who can't make up her mind.

  2. I'd prefer this blog without the hate speech against Asians. However, those sound like to real winners as patron saints. Much more exciting than the typical, loves good, joins a nunnery, receives stigmata.

  3. Right on to Chelsey for finding a Saint Edith. Really, pretty much every name was a saint sometime. There's a saint Zoe with a story so gruesome that I've blocked it from my mind. Go Saint Edith -- now you just have to find a Saint Pearl.

  4. Every name has a Saint but Brent. Or David for some reason. I feel like many Saints have been made up since we were kids. There used to be like 25. Suddenly they are coming out of the woodwork.

    And Chuck, it's not my fault you never saw The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, but when I whip out the hate speech, believe me, you'll know it.

  5. I highly doubt there is a St. Chelsey or St. Dawn. I guess all I need to do is become Catholic, die, and somehow have a miracle done in my name.

  6. I think you becoming Catholic might just be miracle enough.

  7. This is exactly why I hate Asians.

  8. 1. I came here to tell you about St. Edith, but I have been beaten to the punch.

    2. There is no St. Kent, and no St. Austin. At Amalie's baptism, the priest said Augustine was close enough, which I was happy about, since he's one of my favorites.

    3. Powertrain warranties are a total sham. They sound so good, but they don't cover anything.

    4. I must be a racist, since I did not see any hate speech against Asians.

    5. Good luck. All hail King Edith!

  9. Also, there are fewer saints than there used to be. The Church got rid of all the mythical saints like St. Christopher, which is a shame. I think you can still call him St. Christopher, but they took away his holy day or something.