Monday, October 31, 2011

Welcome Back to Work!

Today is Edith's first day of childcare.  Likewise, I return to work from a 2 week sabatical, and Chelsey returns to full time employment for the first time since Edith showed up.  This is a sad day in the Kosterpelding house.  The kind of day that makes you reevaluate your life.

For instance, what sort of cost-cutting measures would allow one or both of us to stay at home?  We don't need our badass cable or our badass cell phones. There's $200 in savings right there.  And who says you need utilities?  That's another $100.  Anyway I add this up, it's not enough.

I have tried to talk Chelsey into going off the grid.  This seems easy enough.  Sell both our cars.  Take the money.  Go to Bolivia.  Disappear.  She points out that this plan is no good, as we don't have the title for either of our cars.  She is right.  The only option is to cash out our 401k's.  There's a good-sized chunk of money in there.  We don't have to worry about the taxes because of our new "off the grid" lifestyle.  This could work. 

In the meantime, I'm reading about how when Tom Waits had his first kid, he was in the process of taking over his management, and finding out he was broke.  He was also moving to New York, and completely changing his musical style to something that his label told him would not sell.  They ended up dropping him over it.  That album turned out to be Swordfishtrombones, which restarted his career, and turned him from lounge act to what he is today.  Of course he did all of this at the prodding of his wife, Kathleen Brennan.  Thank you Chuck, for the fine book.

The answer is clear.  I need to develop some sort of artistic and start to get paid handsomely for it.  Then Chelsey is going to have to come in and make it like twice as good.  Then we move to New York.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

You Fool!

So today I was over at the Goodwill store that's connected to our offices.  I was taking a picture of some poorly installed graphics when a woman drove up in a SUV.  Being the enterprising employee that I am, I didn't stand on ceremony.  I greeted the woman, and started unloading her car.  This of course is not my job, but I didn't want to explain that fact.  Instead I grabbed the first thing she handed to me and went inside to find a donation attendant. 

I spotted one immediately and told him that there's a woman in the donation lane "with a lot of crap."  He grabbed a cart and ran out to help.  I followed him and finished taking pictures.  I even exchanged a friendly look with the lady on my way back out. 

So I go back to my desk, and email the pictures of the crappy graphic to our installer.  A moment later the store manager shows up and tells me the woman heard me call her donations "crap."  Which I totally did, but I meant "crap" as in "stuff".  And when I said it I was inside the store.  Like inside the doors, and around a little barrier behind the doors.  I have no idea how she even heard me. 

But I apologize to the manager, and offer to come apologize to the woman in person.  The manager laughs it off and says that the woman has already left, and that the donation attendant (whom the woman told of hearing me) had already smoothed it over.  (Apparently the woman said, "Well, maybe it is all crap" and left.)

I'm so dumb.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sing me a song

I want to learn a song to sing to Edith. I need suggestions.
It needs to be somewhat easy to learn as I am terrible with remembering lyrics and it needs to be easy to sing as well as I am not gifted with a lovely singing voice.