Tuesday, November 8, 2011

30 Day Movie Challenge Day Five

Favorite love story in a movie. . .

I'll go with In the Mood for Love, although I considered Moulin Rouge and Remains of the Day.

Chelsey's pick

Wendy's pick

Brent's pick

Kent's pick


  1. well you know i love twilight...but ill go with the notebook. that movie makes me cry uncontrollably every time i see it....even if i only catch a few minutes here and there on tv i start crying

  2. I guess I'll be sorry when the category for best musical movie comes along, but I'll go with West Side Story.

  3. Love Story. What can you say about a 25 year old girl who died?

  4. Love means never having to say holy cow that was terrible.

    I'll pick Casablanca. Oh, Rick.