Thursday, November 10, 2011

30 Day Movie Challenge Day Seven

Favorite movie with your favorite actress in it.

Right now I'd say my favorite actress is maybe Parker Posey?? And my favorite movie with her is probably Dazed and Confused. But my favorite movie that she is the star of is probably The House of Yes, which I haven't watched since it came out but I remember really liking.

Here's Chelsey's choice

And Brent's

Kent's choice, which evidently has the great Charles Napier in it.

Wendy's pick


  1. I don't know if i have a favorite actress but I really think Emma Stone is a cutey pie right now....and i always love her red carpet outfits. So I will go with Crazy Stupid Love.

  2. I also don't have a favorite actress. But the last time I really enjoyed an actress in something, it was The Reader. I thought that movie was amazing. And I really do like Kate Winslett. She would be in my top three.

  3. I want to say Hellen Mirren. Or Emma Thompson.

    But we all know it's Annette Benning. She was in The Grifters, which I haven't seen in 100 years.

  4. Favorite actress movie -- Frances McDormand in Fargo, just doing her thing so well.