Friday, December 9, 2011

30 Day Movie Challenge Day 24

Best/most memorable experience watching a movie in a theater . . .

I was going to say seeing Pulp Fiction the night it debuted in San Francisco, but then I remembered that I got to tux it up and attend the premiere of Vincere when I went to Cannes. The movie was meh, but the experience was pretty cool.

Brent's finest hour

Kent's Lucky Apple experience:


Chelsey's pick


  1. I saw the movie Spawn in the theatre. I was drunk or high or something, and when the film's vixen showed up for the first time, blurted our "Floozie" or "Whore" or something like that. Everyone in the theatre laughed.

    Later, I fell asleep.

  2. Ha! I was going to pick Spawn too! That was great. We were all so messed up. Instead I will pick Pulp Fiction.

    Colleen and I brought a hot apple pie into Canal Place, and when we took it out of the box, the whole theatre filled up with the smell of apple pie. We ate it with plates and forks and everything.

  3. For my memorable movie moment, I'll go with seeing the Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time in high school, having told our parents I was going to a midnight showing of Fantasia instead.

  4. My first year in Omaha, my bestie, Hayden, and I took a bag of beers to the midnight showing of Romeo and Juliet (Leo Dicaprio style) at the Dundee theater. We watched this movie religiously when it came out when we were in 7th grade. So before the movie I was really excited and acted out the death scene in the was very moving...or embarrassing for those who witnessed it. Who knows?!?