Monday, December 12, 2011

30 Day Movie Challenge Day 25

If you could make one person no longer a movie star i.e. they would appear in no more movies and their cannon of movies would disappear, who would you pick.

I have never like Michael Douglas in anything, excepting perhaps The Game. My female candidate would be Melanie Griffith, which I think would eliminate the movie Harper, which would be sad, but it would ultimately be worth it.


  1. Ben Stiller, except for Zoolander. I liked everything about it but him. I could live without it.

    Still thinking of the lady...

  2. Mel Gibson and Geena Davis for obvious reasons.

  3. Goodbye Nicholas Cage. I will give up Raising Arizona.

    Goodbye Cameron Diaz. You are in nothing good.

    Geena Davis is in Beetlejuice, how could you?

  4. After a discussion with Kent, I'm giving up Uma Thurman, I realize we lose Pulp Fiction. I can live without le big mac jokes.

  5. I am prepared to give up Claire Forlani. The good news is that I don't think anyone will miss her, and I for one won't miss the perpetual "I'm constantly about to cry" look on her face.

    I'd gladly give up Nicholas Cage if it weren't for Raising Arizona and Moonstruck. Goodbye Mel Gibson.

  6. Ooh Moonstruck. I love that movie, good one Wendy.