Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kent and Brent's Top 20 Tracks (kind of)

So Kent and I make two lists.  We make a list of 20 songs that doesn't allow us to repeat artists more than once.  And we make a list of 50 songs where we can repeat artists as much as we please.  Kent also has some weird weighting that he does, like if we list two songs from the same artist - even though they aren't the same song - they get a bonus since we both listed them.  This is the composite list of our no-repeat lists.

I'm sure no one cares about this but Kent and I.  But at least you can easily listen to them...


  1. Sorry to be a Nancy here, but it appears I cannot listen to them. Shall I be expecting a best of 2011 CD as in years past? That is always a glorious surprise.

  2. Does anyone else have this problem? I would hate to think this doesn't work for anyone by me and Kent.